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DURING HIS 30-year television career, Larry Mendte proved time and again that he knew how to tell a good story. A few hours after he pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to illegally accessing the computer of his former co-anchor, Alycia Lane, Mendte told another gem.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - DeSean Jackson was the last Eagle off the field. As the rookie flipped his visor into the group of Eagles fans clustered above the Gillette Stadium tunnel, Jackson suddenly lengthened his stride and sprinted for the locker room.
THE CHO SHOW. 11 tonight, VH1. FOR YEARS now, I've defended some "reality" TV as being a reasonable alternative to the several dozen sitcoms that used to crowd the airwaves, most of which seemed to be about friends living in Manhattan or average-looking guys with hot wives.
WITH THE OLYMPIC closing ceremonies only a couple days away and most athletes done with their events and allowed to stray from strict training regimens, here's a special episode of SatTatt from the Olympic Village (well, in spirit).
HOPING TO become as wealthy as Bill Gates, if he's not there already, Jerry Seinfeld will appear in Microsoft's next Windows advertising campaign.
THE GIZMO: On the road with iPhone. BUYING IN: Some pundits have suggested the iPhone is the Swiss Army knife of mobile phones. Having spent a month with it, including taking it on vacation to Vermont, I've come to see it more as the Mini Cooper of communicators.
If 3-D is to become the wave of the future in Hollywood, it will not be because of "Fly Me To The Moon." The technology may be updated, but the story of flies hitching a ride to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission needs a booster rocket, or something.
Bakery-cafe looks like a shop, but it tastes like home
IN ALL MY years of food writing, I have never encountered a place so aptly named. In fact, at Genuine Bread and Specialty Shoppe, on Springfield Avenue in University City, owner and chef Barbara Abel even asks her staff before the food goes out, "Is it genuine?"
WHILE YOU'RE at the next Phillies Game shoveling down a foot-long hot dog, curly fries and a brewski, you might want to consider this: According to a recent governmental report, it is estimated that in 40 years, all Americans will be overweight.
August 14, 2008
Eagles win in preseason game against the Panthers in Philadelphia. Slideshow created by David Maialetti.
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A trolley bus comes crashing down Market Street. Street Level video news report by Jim MacMillan
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Two pounds' difference
In this edition of "So What Happened Was..." Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky discusses the tragic irony in two recent stories dealing with overweight and underweight individuals.
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