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Saturday, November 27, 1999





Chafee (RI) Spector (PA) Jeffords (VT) Snow & Collins (ME), Thompson (TN), Gorton (WA), Shelby (AL), Stevens (AK) and Warner (VA)

We urge you to financially support any opposing candidate. Write them and tell them you will neither forget nor forgive their act of cowardice. Just click on the name.


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Who Among Us Will Lead?

by D.F. Antonez

Unfortunately, present circumstances dictate that we cry out for help. Our party is drowning and our lifeguard, Ronald Reagan, is not able to guide us to safety. Time is running out. We must act now to find another true statesman to pull us ashore. More

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Vote of Conscious: cover, escape hatch, having it both ways, sorry, pretend, counterfeit, hoodwink, feign, shuck and jive, sucker, whitewash. see censure.

Fair: traditionally defined as conforming to the rules. Presently, fair has been redefined by Mr. Clinton's organization to mean creating new rules for the benefit of one man, who disregards and flaunts the rules, to the detriment of all men. see ironic.

Bi-partisan: traditionally a term referring to the cooperative efforts of members of opposing political parties. Currently the term has been perverted to mean those times when members of the Republican party agree with any proposal or suggestion of the Democratic party without regard to the law, morals or ideology.

Presidential: abhorrent, base, detestable, disgraceful, disgusting, disrepute, illegal, loathsome, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsing, retarded, sludge-like, unforgivable.