Social Work and Social Welfare: An Invitation

Routledge, 5 févr. 2016 - 666 pages

Social Work and Social Welfare: An Invitation is a best-selling text and website for introduction to social work courses. It provides students with the knowledge, skills, and values that are essential for working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and public policy in a variety of practice settings.

The new edition calls students to become engaged in some of society’s most challenging issues through diverse case studies and an emphasis on global issues. Students will read accounts of real-world social work, such as in Chapter 8 where thirteen social workers share their experiences in twelve different practice settings, including health and mental health, criminal justice, school, public health, and rural settings. Social workers describe working with children and families, immigrants and refugees, military veterans and families, older adults, persons with addictions, and persons with disabilities. This edition also includes new profiles of social workers and one older adult that depict individual journeys, contemporary practice areas, and challenges.

The fourth edition of Social Work and Social Welfare is in full color, with more visuals and photos throughout. As with previous editions, this book is an up-to-date profile of the world in which today’s social workers practice, with current demographic, statistical, legislative, policy, and research information; and sensitive discussions of contemporary ethical issues. The text includes exercises from six interactive cases, including the new case, Brickville. Visit for the detailed cases and companion materials that teach students about social work through practice.

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About the Author
CHAPTER 1 A Glimpse into the World of Social Work
CHAPTER 2 History of Social Work and Social Welfare
CHAPTER 3 US Poverty and the Implications for Social Work
CHAPTER 4 The Social Work Environment
CHAPTER 5 Diversity in Social Work Practice
CHAPTER 6 Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice
CHAPTER 7 Social Work Perspectives and Methods
CHAPTER 8 Fields of Social Work Practice
CHAPTER 9 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
CHAPTER 10 Social Work Practice with Groups
CHAPTER 11 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities and Policy Practice
CHAPTER 12 The Social Work Profession
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