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Enables transit agencies to let users store a virtual transit card on their mobile device. The phone emulates the same behavior as a physical transit card, so the terminal and backend systems need minimal to no changes.

It also lets customers see important information on their phone about their virtual transit card, like its available balance, or ticket details such as its expiring date or travel history. Users can also purchase new tickets or top-up their balance directly through their phone without the need to visit a ticket vending machine.

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Google Pay Transit uses open loop NFC for transit agencies that accept credit and debit cards as payment.

Transit agencies can also configure their terminals to enhance users' experience with features like transit receipts, faster payment from device lock screens, and maps integration.

Lets passengers save tickets and transit cards to Google Pay, then use the credit or debit cards saved to their Google Account to easily pay fares, manage stored balance, or enable both manual and automated top-ups.

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Transit Passes API

For agencies that rely on a paper ticket and visual inspection with fare inspectors, Google Pay offers a digital version of these tickets with enhanced features to prevent cloning through screenshots.

You can either directly integrate with the Google Pay Transit Passes API or work with one of our affiliated partners who can help you onboard on Google Pay.

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Transit Passes API - Visual

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