Dustin-thumb ded

a quote from $172 jeans man: "well, thanks for sharing, that is an awesome blow my mind story"

about to think self to near death.
DivX is giving away free Pro Licenses today!
i'm ready to go pounce on those roofers!
make the f***ing hammers stop!!!
charlie brown inbox.
make the hammering stop. go away go away.
@danrubin: yes. as opposed to that. teach me oh wise one :)
off to mid-day gym exercise.
i stand corrected. it wasn't as far as I thought... Earth tells me otherwise:
just ate ice cream. then ran five miles. then threw it all up.
hey everybody, dan rubin has a fake nose!
i have a charlie brown themed inbox.
how is it that i can listen to rage and work at the same time. i am un-human.
sporting green shirt with green beanie.
it's not really 3am. my clock is lying to me.
friday. friday. friday. friday. friday. closing eyes... friday. friday.
spoke with 'ol pappy this evening. much better than i thought.
just overheard "and it will even work in netscape 4" :o
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