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On a trouvé internet !
publié par u/[deleted]il y a 12 ans

pardon me, but 5000 downvotes? WTF is "worldnews" for???

r/WTF - pardon me, but 5000 downvotes? WTF is "worldnews" for???
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Admin · il y a 12 a

As of this moment, that story has the following actual totals:

2666 up 140 down

The numbers you see are fuzzed for anti-spam reasons. The more active a post is, the more out of whack that fuzzing becomes.

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You've gots to say more about this.

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Although you have stated you won't say anything more about this in response to dafones, I wish you would.

Quite a few people use some kind of device to allow them to see total upvotes/downvotes, including myself. Occasionally, one sees a question like, "why the 12 downvotes??" when something shows 100 upvotes and 88 downvotes. If the numbers are being fuzzed like this, these kinds of questions are not remotely accurate and people could be getting seriously irked for no reason.

What is the spam-defense that results from fuzzing these numbers!?

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What's the point of showing the fuzzed vote counts if they don't at least somewhat represent the real totals?

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Wait...this is huge news.

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· il y a 12 a

Because the site lies about this information, it misleads users time and time again.

Please stop publishing inaccurate upvote and downvote counts.

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What's the point of telling us the amount of up/downvotes then?

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Uhm.. Then what is the point of even showing the numbers?

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· il y a 12 a

If you have a method that always alters those number, why do you bother reporting ups/downs at all? Why not just have the total net votes?

It seems silly to me to have the "X% like it" and # of total votes in each direction if they're both complete lies.

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· il y a 12 a

Wait... so those number's aren't a little off... they're completely made up!? D:

all this time.... all this time.... :(

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· il y a 12 a

Wow. Life seems so empty now...

btw same for comments?

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Oooh. Can of worms...

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If you're going to "fuzz" the numbers to such an extreme you shouldn't be displaying them at all.

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TIL the whole "Reddit, 66% of people like it" was just fabricated by the mods. Well played, good sir.

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· il y a 12 a · a modifié il y a 12 a

It's interesting to me that so many people seem surprised by this. I always thought it was pretty obvious, the ~65-75% "like it ratio" is way too consistent to be realistic. I mentioned it a couple weeks ago when someone else posted a similar question.

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So... I think a better way of determining what is popular or not is by a combination of how many comments, views and votes it gets, then you could probably just hide the numbers anyway and mark them in numerical order of popularity. I am not sure this system is really doing anyone justice and especially for comments, a lot of comments are being downvoted simply because people don't like or agree with the comment and not if it follows the reddiquette. I wish the comment voting was fixed for something better.

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That throws a lot of things out of whack! What about the "like it" percentage? What about the fact that when you subtract the downvotes from the upvotes, you get the post karma? Is that rigged too?


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