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Watch Phoebe Bridgers smash her guitar in an 'absolutely iconic' 'SNL' debut

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Phoebe Bridgers made a smashing debut on "Saturday Night Live." Literally.

The 26-year-old indie rocker performed two songs from her 2020 album, "Punisher," on Saturday: "Kyoto," which she sang while wearing a skeleton onesie, and "I Know the End." The latter performance ended in an explosive guitar solo, a primal scream and Bridgers repeatedly bashing her electric guitar into an amplifier, sending sparks into the air. 

Bridgers is nominated for four Grammy Awards this year, including best new artist, and "Punisher" was named one of USA TODAY's best albums of 2020. USA TODAY's Patrick Ryan wrote that Bridgers "achingly captures our collective pandemic gloom with vivid metaphors ('ICU') and startling introspection ('Savior Complex')." 

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Fans old and new applauded her "SNL" performances on social media. 

"I’ve never heard of her before but tonight made me a fan," one Instagram commenter wrote. 

Another noted Bridgers' outfit choice was "very David S. Pumpkins of her," referencing Tom Hanks' memorable Halloween sketch

"The SCREAM ...... absolutely iconic," a third added. 

"Schitt's Creek" star Daniel Levy hosted Saturday's episode in his debut, which included a cameo from his dad and co-star Eugene Levy. The elder Levy was supposed to make his own "SNL" hosting debut 35 years prior, only to have his appearance canceled by a writers' strike.

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"Hey, son! Wow, look at you," Eugene Levy said, while encased in a COVID-safe glass box. "I flew in to wish you luck tonight."

"You flew all the way to watch me in a box?" his son replied. 

The younger Levy's opening monologue celebrated the success of his Emmy-winning TV series, though he noted the downside of strangers yelling, "Ew!" at him on the street. “A line I wrote for the show will now haunt me for the rest of my life,” he lamented.

Contributing: Kim Willis and Gary Dinges