Javaid Manzil last residence of Allama Iqbal looking for visitors  

Posted on: 10/12/2010

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Javaid ManzilLast resident of great philosopher poet Allama Iqbal looking for visitors. Iranian has more affection and respect for great poet than Pakistani people, a museum attendant of Javaid Manzil, Muhammad Asif said. He added, political leaders or government members never visited Javaid Manzil, expect when they come sometime with foreign delegates.

 Javaid Manzil situated near Ghari Shahu, old Mayo Road and now known as Allama Iqbal Road it is in front of Railway Headquarter. Most of people when come for booking seat for train in railway headquarter visit the museum. Allama Iqbal bought it for 25025 Rs. Total cost spent to make it a beautiful home is 42025 Rs. He bought it by the name of his son Javaid Iqbal and his son was paid 50 Rs every month by Allama Iqbal as the rent of four rooms that was used by him. In May, 1935 he was shifted in this house from Macleod Road. The great poet spent last three years of his life in Javaid Manzil.

In 1977, government bought it by Javaid Iqbal and handed over to Ministry of Culture, department of archaeology. His belongings were gifted to archaeology department by Javaid Iqbal and some other people. In 1984, Javaid Manzil was furnished by Japanese experts. In the museum, the belongings of Allama Iqbal was kept, as clothes, gloves, huqa, furniture, shoes, snaps and some hand written scripts of his different books and poems. There are also some books written on Allama Iqbal by different writers.

There in Public note book, a statement I’ve read “people says that today we need another Allama Sahib, my question to them have to you read whole literature written by Allama Sahib? Do you understand what he wanted to convey? Are you living your life according to the philosophy presented by Allama Sahib? If you do this then there is no need of another Allama Sahib and if you don’t please do it”.

A visitor said, government should establish an Allama Iqbal library in Javaid Manzil. There should keep all literature written by Allama Iqbal and the books written on him by different writers.  Another visitor Zaheer Abbass said, it is the need of time to aware people with the philosophy life which is presented by great philosopher Allama Iqbal. He added government should make arrangements to translate the literary work of Allama Iqbal in easy Urdu so that every one can understand it easily. Zaheer further said, we taught new generation the activities of Allama Iqbal in their course books but we should teach them the message of great poet Iqbal for Muslim nation. This would be very beneficial for the Pakistani nation, he added.

Javaid Manzil is very important place for our nation. So government should do something for the further development of Javaid Manzil. Government should also make arrangements to spread the message of Iqbal in masses in easy Urdu language.

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(Javaid Manzil last residence of Allama Iqbal looking for visitors)

  muhammad jamil awan Says:
mr abid thanks for giving information about javaid manzil. before this i never knew about it. this kind of informative articles are useful for the new generation. because they don't know about our beautiful heritage.
Posted on 10/Dec/2010


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