Korea to Begin Developing 5G

Korea announced its telecom vision today, stating that it wants to stay ahead of the mobile phone production race and become the leader in wireless market share by 2012. Part of that vision includes a plan to work on developing 5G technology.

The plan is to invest 60 billion won ($58,449,293 US) for the next 3 years developing 4G technologies in hopes that an international standard can be set, in addition to beginning work on 5G.

Korea can see that the goals are indeed reachable, as they are currently in second place in the mobile industry worldwide by producing 250 million phones and exporting $29 billion worth of phones. A push to 4G and eventually 5G may be exactly what Korea needs to move to numero uno.


What does 5G entail? How far down the road can we expect it? No details on that are given, but if the expectation is to corner the market by 2012 it may not be that far in the future. We can’t even begin to imagine the lightning-fast speeds 5G would be capable of.

Let’s not worry too much about it yet; we still have 4G to anxiously look forward to!

via TelecomsKorea

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