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Prohibition Party Nominates National Ticket

On July 31, the Prohibition Party nominated Jim Hedges for President and Bill Bayes for Vice-President. The nomination was made with a two-hour conference call. Hedges lives in Big Tannery Cove, Pennsylvania; Bayes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hedges has been the party’s newsletter editor and publisher for many years.

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  1. Alabama Independent Alabama Independent

    A populist/progressive platform was presented for consideration but was for the most part rejected. In the end, the typical Prohibition/Conservative Platform was adopted.
    It was somewhat amusing to learn that some of the delegates still believe the Federal Reserve Bank is working well for the people and not a Private Bank. It was equally amusing that many delegates still see the United Nations as an honorable organization dedicated for world peace. The problem with this historic party, is that it is still dominated by people who see Alcohol as the main issue destroying the United States! How sad.

  2. J.D. FARGO

    MR. WEBB is correct

  3. Casual Observer and/or Casual Bystander

    Who is Mr. Webb?

  4. Bob

    This party has been around since 1869 with its’ first presidential ticked nominated in 1872.

  5. Richard Winger

    The party’s best year nationally was 1886, when 4% of the voters who voted for US House voted for a Prohibition Party nominee.

  6. J.D. FARGO

    Hedges is the best candidate in 50 years,he is a fine person

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