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Benefits of Power Supplies Equipped with I2C Ethernet Communications

Power Supplies with I2C Ethernet
Benefits of Power Supplies Equipped with I2C Ethernet Communications

For years Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) buses have been used to relay basic serial messages between devices. More recently, digital control via ethernet and USB communications have provided technicians with the ability to remotely monitored these devices. Front end power supplies with a web based interface for remote monitoring provide a variety of benefits to users.

Using I2C chips, an I2C master controller, and a digital interface, power supplies are one of the devices that can be remotely monitored and controlled in this way.

Primary benefits of power supplies with I2C bus and ethernet communications:

• Easily monitor Vout, Iout, Pout, and operating temperature
• Low-cost to add-on to power supply units
• Reduce labor costs associated with monitoring power consumption
• Can remotely turn on/off outputs as needed
• Web based interface for modern communication

Remotely monitoring the voltage out (Vout), current out (Iout), power out (Pout), and operating temperatures of your power supply allows for timely solutions to be applied in case of a failure. The I2C chips are a very low-cost option to add on to power supply units, and the digital web based interface communication with your system is highly advantageous. An additional feature is that various outputs can be remotely turned off or on as needed. Industries can reduce labor costs associated with in-room monitoring of power consumption by instead monitoring many power supplies (and other connected devices) from one central location.

Using a web interface makes power management from anywhere in the world a feasible option! Power supplies equipped with I2C and ethernet communications are the ideal solution for data centers, industrial warehouses, battlefield and reconnaissance equipment, or any system where remote monitoring is preferred or necessary.
MDA301 power supply unit with I2C ethernet commHow It Works:
The basic concept and development of I2C chip technology has existed for more than three decades, with new advancements in speed, size, and performance every few years. Today, I2C chips are used in many electronic modules to relay basic information to a controller. I2C bus communications can be greatly enhanced with a web-based interface.

Using serial communication protocol, each chip is assigned an address which the I2C master can recall for data retrieval. In today's modern communication systems, many industries are moving I2C chip remotely monitor power supplytowards ethernet controllers to allow remote monitoring of devices. The I2C to ethernet interface uses an IP address so that the controller using firmware can communicate with all I2C buses for record keeping. Then, an internal webpage can be developed to populate data from the I2C bus for quick and convenient monitoring of power supplies and other electronic equipment. By accessing the IP address, users can monitor these systems from anywhere in the world.

The expert engineers at Aegis Power Systems can easily add the I2C chips and the ethernet controller interface needed to remotely monitor a power supply unit. This low-cost solution provides greater flexibility and control to the overall function of a power supply. Simply request I2C communications on your next power supply quote request!
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