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RCWs > Title 42 > Chapter 42.44

Chapter 42.44 RCW

Notaries public

RCW Sections

42.44.020Qualifications -- Application -- Bond.
42.44.030Appointment -- Denial for unprofessional conduct -- Certificate of appointment.
42.44.050Seal or stamp.
42.44.070Reappointment without endorsements.
42.44.080Standards for notarial acts.
42.44.090Form of certificate -- General -- Seal or stamp as exclusive property.
42.44.100Short forms of certificate.
42.44.110Illegible writing.
42.44.130Notarial acts by officials of other jurisdictions.
42.44.140Notarial acts by federal authorities.
42.44.150Notarial acts by foreign authorities.
42.44.160Official misconduct -- Penalty.
42.44.170Revocation of appointment -- Resignation.
42.44.180Evidence of authenticity of notarial seal and signature.
42.44.200Transfer of records.
42.44.210Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
42.44.900Savings -- 1985 c 156.
42.44.902Severability -- 1985 c 156.
42.44.903Effective date -- 1985 c 156.