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For information about archival repositories in the province, consult the AABC's
A Guide to Archival Repositories in B.C.

For more information about archives in B.C., consult the AABC's British Columbia Archival Resources

British Columbia Archival Union List

The British Columbia Archival Union List (BCAUL) database consists of descriptions of records held at 163 publicly-accessible archival repositories in the province. The BCAUL has been created and maintained by the Archives Association of British Columbia.

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(For instructions on using the database, click the help button on the search screen.)

Special BCAUL Features:
**NEW** 1. Links to repository information now available from BCAUL descriptions.
2. Links to full finding aids are available from some BCAUL descriptions.
Example: Jean Coulthard fonds
3. Detailed descriptions at sous-fonds and series levels are now available for some records, with links to and from corresponding fonds-level descriptions.
Example: (St. Ann's Academy) Local Superior sous-fonds
4. You can limit your searches to a defined repository or group of repositories. Click on "Establish a view of the file" at the Browse/Search screen.
5. You can email the results of your search to any email address you provide. Fill in the box at the bottom of any search result screen.

You can also search the
Integrated British Columbia and Alberta Union Lists

For information on the history and development of the BCAUL,
consult the BC Archival Union List Background Report and the report entitled
"New Home for the British Columbia Archival Network" (January 1999).

Funding for the BCAUL has come from the Government of B.C. through its Community Archives Advisory and Training Program and from the Government of Canada through the National Archives of Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives.

How to Search the BCAUL Database

The search screen allows you to find descriptions of records in two different ways:

There are also a number of special features which allow you to: 1) limit your searches to records at specified archival repositories; 2) choose to display, save or e-mail your search results; 3) consult specific help screens; and, 4) use shortcuts on the search screen.



Browsing Indexes

You can browse the following indexes:



Keyword Searching

You can use your own search term(s) and search by:

Truncated Keyword Searching (Using Word Stems)

Truncated keyword searching is possible using the character "?" after the truncated word.

Boolean Searching (Narrowing or Broadening A Search)



Other Special Features


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