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MASCOT NEWS   (Last update Friday September 30, 2005)

The MASCOT database is up to date.   (Last update Friday March 17, 2006)

Sketch Cards or Marker Location Diagrams are now available as downloadable GIF files via any of the following MASCOT queries. For more information on sketch card access and printing click here.

Search for a Geodetic Control Monument (GCM) using the following methods:

Text Based Access:
Query by GCM Number
Query by Latitude and Longitude (File downloads available)
Query by Northing and Easting (File downloads available)
Query by Tablet Marking
Query by Point and Pseudo-Circle (File downloads available)
Query by KeyWord
Query by Municipal Code (File downloads available)

Graphics Based Access:
Query by Map

Utilities and Other Information:
MASCOT Price List
Submit a Survey Monument Condition Report
Long and Short Form Field Descriptions
Tab Delimited File Downloading
Sample Long Form
Sample Short Form

Mascot Web Access is managed by Base Mapping and Geomatic Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

For information on MASCOT in B.C., please contact:
Brad Hlasny
Base Mapping & Geomatic Services Branch
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Telephone: (250) 387-9311 or (250) 356-6112

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