Content Priorities

As a public service provider and a membership organization, PBS must serve and anticipate the constantly changing needs of our member stations and their audiences.  We meet these challenges by pursuing programs employing innovative techniques to satisfy viewers' interests in a multitude of subjects including News and Public Affairs, Science & Natural History, Drama & Performing Arts, and Children's Programming.

Though we appreciate the value of the programs submitted to us, as well as the enormous effort that goes into executing quality programming, we have limited opportunities and funding for new shows and specials in our schedule.  


Continuing series and anthologies comprise 80% of our primetime schedule.  Producers who wish to have their programs considered for continuing series and anthologies should send their ideas and submissions directly to the attention of the series’ producers.

We strongly advise producers to review the web sites for these series prior to submission as their processes and requirements may differ from ours.

Also, please be aware that PBS will not be responsible for forwarding materials to series’ producers should submissions be sent to PBS in error.