Image Search

Picsearch offers you and your users a massive database with constantly updated fresh content and in response to your user’s query, we return highly relevant results from an index with market leading family friendliness.

There are a few other image search engines, what’s unique about Picsearch?

  • We exist primarily to serve our customers, not our own domains
  • Complete feature access; what we have, you have
  • Market leading family friendliness
  • Freedom to reorganize results
  • Freedom to advertise

Why should I license image search?

Consider this question – can you think of a popular search engine without an image search button?  That’s why.

Users expect to find an image search service when performing a web search.  Offering your users image search increases their loyalty, complements your other services and contributes to your success.

What does it do?

The list of features is long and all the options are available to you. Some of the included features are:

  • Face Detection
  • Color Filters
  • Size Filters
  • Adult Filters
  • Site Search
  • Animation Filters
  • Language Boost
  • Image Orientation
  • Top Level Domain Boosts
  • and any more…

Example customer image search implementations

Picsearch has a proven track record offering outstanding reliability and scalability.  Below are some screenshots from current customer implementations.

Technical information

  • High Availability Service on Tier 1 carrier
  • Services provided over an XML BASE
  • Technology supports all global languages and spiders all countries
  • High performance query system for faster responses to end users
  • Fully redundant servers for industry leading robustness
  • Direct contact with technicians available as standard
  • Availability SLA up to 99.9%

To obtain an image search product sheet or to discuss the best options for you, get in touch today.

Tel: +46 (0) 8 641 2233

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