The University in the 1940's

Aerial View of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in 1940. Crocker Lab - exterior of building housing Seaborg's lab, 1941. Exterior view of the old Radiation Laboratory
This is the way the campus looked at about that time in 1940. Here are the chemistry buildings, here is the East Hall that I told you about. Here is Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way. Here is the Crocker Laboratory, where the 60-inch cyclotron was situated. The one used to furnish the neutrons to make the plutonium, the half a microgram that we used to demonstrate its fissionability. Here is the old Radiation Laboratory where the 37-inch cyclotron was that furnished the neutrons to make it possible for us to show that the plutonium was fissionable with slow neutrons. This contains the room, Room 118, that I worked in when I first came to Berkeley in 1934.