The Nobel Laureates and JFK

I'm going to end with a number of remarks about people. In November 1955 we had a visit from the famous Otto Hahn, the discoverer of nuclear fission, for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1944.

Ghiorso, Seaborg and Otto Hahn, University of California, Berkeley. Seven Nobel Laureates of LBL, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), with historic 37-inch cyclotron at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Pictured Owen Chamberlain, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrè, Melvin Calvin, Donald Glaser, Luis Alvarez, and Glenn T. Seaborg on March 7, 1969.

Here I am, Hahn, Ghiorso, and I. In 1969, on one of my visits to Berkeley, we took a picture of all the Nobel Prize winners. By that time there were 7. Chamberlain and Segrè, I mentioned their winning the Nobel Prize for the antiproton in 1959; McMillan and I for the chemistry of the transuranium elements in 1951; Calvin for his work on photosynthesis in 1961; and Glaser for his work on the bubble chamber in, I think, 1960; and Alvarez for his work on the hydrogen bubble chamber and its use in elementary particle physics and so forth, Nobel Prize in 1968.

Now I'm going to mention at random a few interesting things. In 1962, March 23, Charter Day, President John Kennedy visited the Radiation Laboratory. Helen and I flew back with him on Air Force One, and here we are entering building 70A. Here's Governor Pat Brown, along with Kennedy and me, and Ed McMillan.

Glenn T. Seaborg and John F. Kennedy at LBL. Edwin M. McMillan, Edward Teller, Glenn T. Seaborg, John F. Kennedy and Pat Brown visit LBL.
Here are the Lab directors, Norris Bradbury, the Director of Los Alamos; John Foster of Livermore; Ed McMillan, Director of Lawrence Berkeley Lab; myself; John Kennedy; Edward Teller; Bob McNamara; and Harold Brown, who was the Director of Defense Research and Engineering. Bob McNamara, of course, Secretary of Defense.

President John F. Kennedy (JFK) visiting AEC-supported Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (LRL) on March 23, 1963. Picture taken in front of Building 70A at LRL in Berkeley, California. Left to right: Dr. Norris Bradbury, Dr. John S. Foster, Dr. Edwin M. McMillan, Glenn T. Seaborg, President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Edward Teller, Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense), and Dr. Harold Brown.