An Early History of LBNL - A lecture by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg

About the web document

There were many steps that went into the production of the online version of Dr. Seaborg's lecture, An Early History of LBNL. First, the lecture was videotaped on August 26, 1996. The videotaped version of the lecture was then transcribed and broken up into sections to put into html format. The next step was adding the most important part of the website; the photographs. The slides that Dr. Seaborg has been using in his lecture for years were scanned and stored in LBNL's Image Library. From there the images were then linked to this document to bring the wonderful stories of a man who has had his finger on the pulse of science for 60 years, to life.

If you click on the photos you will get a larger version of the photo. If you click on the captions, you will get the photo credits for those photos that were not taken by a Berkeley Lab photographer.


Acknowledgement for the production of this online document goes to the following people and groups who put in their time, energy, and ideas to it's completion.

An honorable mention to these people whose help was greatly appreciated:
Gizella Kapus, Rachel Starbuck, Yulah Sun, Sherrill Whyte, and Kristin Balder-Froid.