Posted On October - 4 - 2007


  RATING:   16UP
  RELEASE DATE:   06/12/2007
  REVIEW DATE:   10/04/2007

Once again blood flows in the streets of Kanto. The eternal fate that has been handed down for over 1800 years is now being fought by ancient warriors who have been reincarnated as the students of the seven top schools. One such student, Hakufu Sonsaku, arrives on the scene and is rumored to be the legendary Shou Haou, who is said to be the one who will defeat many in battle. But can this blonde air-head with the overly endowed assets actually be the legendary Shou-Haou?

Fan service like no other anime ever, the most amazing kick ass girl fights in anime ever, and you get one of the best guiltiest pleasures in anime history!

Based ever so loosely on the genius manga Bakunga Hyper-Battle Ikki Tousen (aka Battle Vixens) by Yuji Shiozaki, this anime has all the fan service and insane babe battling action in bigger than life animation.

One of the things so crazy about this story is that it’s kinda based on the renowned novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. What the author has brilliantly done is given it a present day setting where all these reincarnated warriors and warlords (most of them reincarnated as luscious vixens) have to choose to either mete out what fate has dictated or buck the system big time. And main heroine, the buxom Hakufu, does exactly that! She doesn’t want to kill propel or take over the world, she just loves to fight in order to get better, stronger, and hey, any excuse to get her clothes ripped off, usually by other scantily clad battle vixens, is just a perk. The show works for me!

This is like ecchi meets action anime! It’s fantastic! I gotta say, there are two lethal ladies that steal the show. Hakufu is the main gal and hey, I’m not knocking her. But Kanu, the long purple haired woman with the long weapon sure catches the eye and then some! But it’s green haired and ruthless Ryofu who really steals the story. She’s the lesbian warlord who’s given a harsh fate to replay, and replay it she does. Even though there’s major fan service and extreme ecchi battling action, the show pulls off some equally extreme drama and Ryofu’s story takes the cake. It twisted me up, I felt so bad for her.

But it’s not all drama, it is most assuredly all action though! As each fighter steps up to be “king” of the hill, it’s one battle after another. Now the main characters to rule the world aren’t exactly the kind of candidates you’d vote for if given the option (bent bandaged boy Totaku is the perfect example of that!). They’re a twisted bunch! But Hakufu, she’s as pure hearted as she is buxom and empty headed. When it comes down to it, this ditzy chick with the bad ass battling moves is the world’s only hope for peace! Who’d a thunk it! 

There’s a lot of eye candy with the bonus goodies.  There’s the slip cover for the box that shows off many of the luscious femmes fatales, then the thin pack cases have racy and very sexy art inside and out (those reversible covers measure off the scale of sexiness!). Actual DVD extras are Geneon previews, art galleries, TV commercial collection, original Japanese promo video, clean opening and ending animation, and a video hosted by Manami Fuku at the behind the scenes of a promotional shoot for Ikki Tousen and an interview with the director Takashi Watanabe.

Ikki Tousen is the ultimate ecchi battling action anime ever! It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure in anime!

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