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 Historical Records

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RAAF Historical Records

The OAFH is not a public research facility, however Unit History records along with other RAAF historical material, can be made available to bona fide researchers upon application. Access to the OAFH for research purposes is by appointment only.  Prior to visiting, researchers should contact the OAFH to arrange a suitable date and time. Researchers should note that charges apply for photocopying and reproduction of CD records. To protect the privacy of others, the release of records for viewing or duplicating is in line with current RAAF policy, the Archives and Privacy Acts and at the discretion of OAFH staff.

A guide to material held by the Office of Air Force History

*     RAAF unit histories from pre-World War II until 2000 - on 16mm microfilm and CD
*     Unit histories of Operational Flying Squadrons on CD
*     Unit histories of current RAAF units from 1988 to present day in a mix of A4 hard copy, microfilm and electronic format 
*     Reports by commanding officers of RAAF units from World War II until 1988 - on microfilm
*     RAAF unit narrative reports - World War II - on microfilm
*     Reports and critiques on aircraft accidents to RAAF aircraft, World War II and later years - on microfilm
*     Casualty registers and grave registration cards of RAAF personnel - on microfilm
*     Various documents of historical interest on microfilm, including information on air raids, operations, squadrons and units, statistical bulletins, tactical reconnaissance reports, RAF and US squadrons, WAAAF, and medical
*     Hard copy historical information on RAAF squadrons and units, aircraft, operations, famous RAAF personnel, awards, also more recent topics such as peacekeeping and future RAAF plans
*     Access to listings of RAAF material held in the National Archives of Australia
*     Copies of Air Force Lists hard copies and CD
*     History of the Australian Flying Corps - on microfilm
*     Some personal log books and flying log books - on microfilm
*     RAAF aircraft status cards - on microfilm and CD
*     RAAF Personnel Occurrence Reports (1940's to 1970's) - on microfilm
*     Microfilm & CD record of RAAF units in Vietnam, including unit diaries, commanding officers reports, nominal rolls, detail of operations, monthly report of activities
*     Copies of RAAF News issues from 1960 to present day
*     Air Board Orders 1921-1982

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