On 1 January 1935 the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) received its first air vice-marshal. In the 75 years since then, a total of 132 officers have held the substantive rank of air vice-marshal, up until January 2010. Twenty have gone on to become air marshals and three of these have reached four-star rank as air chief marshals.
In addition, seven officers have held air vice-marshal rank in an honorary capacity. Three officers of the Royal Air Force (RAF) have held senior appointments in the Australian service.
Here are provided brief biographical and service histories of all these officers, searchable by the top rank they reached or by their name.
There have also been two Marshals of the RAAF, in the persons of King George VI (from 2 June 1938 until his death) and the Duke of Edinburgh (whose name has appeared in the Air Force List since 1954). As these are purely honorary appointments, however, they have not been included.
Eighteen Australians have reached the senior ranks in the air forces of other countries.

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