ApacheCon US 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
18-21 November 2002

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Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems
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Since its founding twenty years ago, a singular vision -- The Network Is The Computer (TM) -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet. Sun can be found in more than 170 countries. Sun invented Java (TM) technology to provide a networked application and services platform that helps make the Sun vision a reality. Today, Java is the development language most used by developers, and the Java platform gives developers the broadest range of technologies for building cross-platform, compatible web services, wireless data services and other networked applications. Java technology is maintained and extended by the Java Community Process (SM) (JCP (SM)) program, an organization made up of over 700 companies, individuals, and organizations such as The Apache Software Foundation.

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Apple Developer Connection Apple Developer Connection
Platinum Sponsor
Internet Connectivity

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

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O'Reilly & Associates O'Reilly & Associates
Gold Sponsor
Raffle -- $500 in O'Reilly books

O'Reilly & Associates is the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. The company's books, conferences, and web sites bring to light the knowledge of technology innovators. O'Reilly books, known for the animals on their covers, occupy a treasured place on the shelves of the developers building the next generation of software. O'Reilly conferences and summits bring alpha geeks and forward-thinking business leaders together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark new industries. From the Internet to XML, open source, .NET, Java, and web services, O'Reilly puts technologies on the map.

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Apress Apress
Raffle -- Gift Sets ($300 Value)
ApacheCon Lanyards

Apress, located in Berkeley, CA, is a fast-growing, innovative publishing company devoted to meeting the needs of existing and potential programming professionals. Simply put, the "A" in Apress stands for "The Author's Press™" and its books have "The Expert's Voice™". Its unique approach to publishing grew out of conversations between its founders Dan Appleman and Gary Cornell, authors of numerous best-selling, highly regarded books for programming professionals. In 1998 they set out to create a publishing company that emphasized quality above all else. Gary and Dan's vision has resulted in the publication of over 90 titles by leading software professionals, all of which have The Expert's Voice™.

BreakPoint Books
ApacheCon Bookstore

Founded in 1993 as Business Outreach Books, BreakPoint has been the single source for book and retail solutions for more than 500 conferences and events around the world. Conference and trade show retail programs are our only business. With BreakPoint, you get more. More experience, more expertise, more excitement, and more satisfied attendees. Our comprehensive retail programs work hard to enhance your event – before, during and after. BreakPoint Books. An Oasis for the Mind.

Expo Exchange

COMDEX is the universal IT marketplace that unites technology buyers and sellers online and in person. While continuing global expansion and influence, COMDEX is steadily refining its customer-centric philosophy by segmenting and personalizing everything from the exhibit floor to conference content to encourage community development, making it easier for buyers and sellers to meet and make smarter purchasing decisions. Engaging conferences, potent keynotes, exciting special events, an exhibit floor with cutting-edge technology solutions, a comprehensive online presence and timely show publications are components of the community-driven COMDEX experience, creating more relevancy for the individual and facilitating valuable relationships between technology buyers from around the world.

Dr. Dobb's Journal Dr. Dobb's Journal
Media Sponsor

Since 1976, DDJ has led the computer press in covering practical technology. Unlike many magazines that focus exclusively on a single platform, language, or even a single development tool, we have over twenty years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools. Our authors, like our readers, are professional software developers who want to revise proposed standards, explore new technologies, argue over programming style, and share tricks of the trade.

Dæmon News

Our goal is to make BSD more accessible, both to current users and those who have yet to try it. To that end, we've created and collected many useful resources for you. While many of you are familiar with our ezine and daily news sites, we'd also like to point out our print magazine and BSD mall . The magazine has original content of interest to BSD users and developers, while the mall carries a large selection of products that you also may find useful. We ship our products worldwide, and sell everything from operating system CD subscriptions to fully-downloadable security manuals, BSD clothes to RAID cards.

Electrovaya Electrovaya
Raffle -- PowerPad Battery ($499 Value)

Electrovaya develops, manufactures and sells products using its proprietary lithium-ion SuperPolymerT rechargeable battery technology, which delivers the highest energy density of any battery technology on the market today. The Company's goal is to become the leading provider of portable power for the notebook computer and wireless sectors and to apply its technology to a broad spectrum of alternative energy.

ePrivacy Group
Raffle -- 8 Books

ePrivacy Group is a trust technology and services company founded by experts in privacy, security, and marketing, known for their consulting and training services to global 2000 companies, government agencies and professional trade associations. Using a Privacy Incident Cost Containment (PICC) risk model, ePrivacy Group takes a Target-Treat-Train approach that reduces privacy risks as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, thus enabling companies to keep privacy promises and enjoy the benefits of privacy-positive positioning. ePrivacy Group's patent-pending Postiva technology provides a language and framework of trust, privacy, security and intelligence for messaging. www.eprivacygroup.com

Wireless Connectivity

Freenetworks.org is a group of individuals and organizations that are committed to facing the social, political and technical issues that occur in the creation of these networks. We believe that through global communication and collaboration, we can work through these issues in a more efficient manner.

Hackerthreads.com Hackerthreads.com
ApacheCon T-Shirts

Hackerthreads.com has the finest screenprinted computer related apparel on the web. With its own in house screenprinting facility, each item is printed and inspected on the premises. More than just printing T-shirts, there is a full line of lady's wear, long sleeve baseball and soccer jerseys, along with long sleeve hooded sweatshirts. You can even create your own shirt with existing logos in the "Create A Shirt" section. Hackerthreads prints shirts for websites, conventions and ships internationally. With stores for [H]ardocp, Geek.com and others, together with shirts related to MacIntosh, PC, graphic design, gaming and open source, you can find something for any computer user.

Internet World Internet World
Media Sponsor

No profile available

Java Developers Journal
Media Sponsor

Java Developer's Journal is the leading Java-specific print and online resource in the Java technology marketplace. Currently in its seventh year of publication, JDJ serves as the Java industry's primary monthly source of information, insight, and interactivity through the accompanying Web portal at www.JavaDevelopersJournal.com.

JavaWorld JavaWorld
Media Sponsor

JavaWorld is a publication of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and event companies. IDG publishes more than 300 computer magazines and newspapers and 4,000 book titles and offers online users one of the largest networks of technology-specific sites around the world through IDG.net, which comprises more than 300 targeted Web sites in 70 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related events worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through offices in 53 countries worldwide. Company information is available at www.idg.com

John Wiley & Sons
Raffle -- Books ($200 value)

Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., provides must-have content and services to customers worldwide. Its core businesses include professional and consumer books and subscription services covering business, technology, travel, reference, accounting, and other topic areas; scientific and technical journals, encyclopedias, books, and online products; and educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Wiley has publishing and distribution centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Wiley's Internet site can be accessed at www.wiley.com. Wiley's technology products can be found at www.wiley.com/compbooks.

Linux Business Week
Media Sponsor

Published by SYS-CON Media, Linux Business Week is the premier publication showcasing a rich mix of industry insight and analysis of both fresh new voices and seasoned gurus of the Linux world. It lifts the veil off the emerging galaxy of Linux solutions fast becoming available for management, education, and communication

Linux Journal Linux Journal
Media Sponsor

No profile available

LinuxWorld LinuxWorld
Media Sponsor

LinuxWorld delivers hands-on technical information, real-world cases of Linux in the enterprise, features, product reviews, market overviews, and knowledgeable guidance for making purchasing decisions. LinuxWorld caters to enterprise technologists in need of products and consulting services that will solidify open source computing within their companies' infrastructure. LinuxWorld addresses the needs of core decision-makers with the quality and depth of information required to skillfully manage Linux and open source technologies within enterprise environments.

Manning Publications Manning Publications
Raffle: Books and T-shirts (over $500 value)

Manning is a growing independent computer book publisher whose books have become well known for their clear writing style, in-depth coverage, and thorough examples. Readers find them lean and meaty, not “stuffed with fluff.” Their distinctive covers feature people dressed in regional costumes from two centuries ago in celebration of the inventiveness, the initiative, and the fun of the computer business.

New Architect New Architect
Media Sponsor

CMP Media's New Architect (www.newarchitectmag.com) is a monthly publication serving highly qualified technology leaders who drive the purchase and integration of Internet and emerging technology solutions into their core business processes. Written by technical insiders, New Architect provides a level of depth and technical sophistication unmatched by other publications serving the industry. This unique editorial environment arms technology leaders with the product knowledge and rationale necessary to select and validate investments in new technologies within their organizations.

Open Magazine
Media Sponsor

Open is an independent web magazine available for subscribers to help them acquire and justify Open Source products and services in the enterprise. Subscribers receive weekly issues of labs-based reviews, technology and business analyses, and commentaries, and full access to report archives.

Media Sponsor

OSDN provides news, tools, and education for the IT and developer community. OSDN delivers more than 134 million page views and reaches 6.6 million unique visitors per month. The OSDN audience is comprised of IT Professionals, including C-level and senior management, middle management and a variety of technical staff including developers and systems and network administrators. OSDN sites offer IT news, collaboration, development tools, distribution and discussion channels, cutting-edge editorial, and ongoing education and evangelism among the IT and Open Source community.

pair Networks pair Networks
ApacheCon Pens

pair Networks, a Web site hosting pioneer, was founded in 1995 and has been helping to shape the hosting industry for over seven years. A business philosophy that combines an emphasis on technical proficiency, innovation, and honest communications with customers has allowed pair Networks to operate profitably, every year, since 1996. pair Networks is committed to furthering the development of open-source software and is proud to be supporting the efforts of the Apache Software Foundation.

Secure Computing Magazine
Media Sponsor

SC Magazine is the largest circulation information security magazine and is read in more than 50 countries around the world. The leading US magazine for computer security, SC Magazine is full of news, opinion, product reviews and tests plus applications and solutions articles to keep you in touch with the latest security threats and the solutions available to remedy them.

Southern California Linux Expo

The USC, Simi/Conejo, and UCLA Linux User Groups are proud to present the first annual Southern California Linux Expo scheduled for November 2, 2002 at the Davidson Conference Center on the University of Southern California campus. The Southern California Linux Expo will bring together Linux and Open Source Software companies, developers, and users. This event will provide new insight in the growing technological Linux community and where it is headed. This operating system created by a grass roots effort has grow robust enough to be embraced by companies such as Sun and IBM. The Southern California Linux Expo will contain a blend of business leaders and technical experts that are required to truely understand where Linux is at and where it will be in 10 years.

Sys Admin Magazine
Media Sponsor

Sys Admin magazine delivers information for systems and network administrators whose duties include administration of UNIX systems. Every month we'll give you the information you need to handle the daily challenges of systems administration efficiently and effectively. You'll find ways to improve the performance or extend the capabilities of your system. Coverage includes: integrating heterogeneous systems-UNIX, NT, W4W, NetWare; security; backup; crash recovery; system analysis and monitoring; and system automation. Subscribers also receive the annual Buyer's Guide that lists resources for the software and hardware needed to make their systems hum. We focus on system-level processes, rather than the latest database or spreadsheet. Whether administration is your full-time job, or it is just one of the many hats you find yourself wearing, we can help.

Thawte Thawte

Thawte acts as a trusted third party by providing inexpensive digital trust solutions to anyone, anywhere and at any time. A truly global enterprise that transcends geographical and virtual borders, Thawte is renowned for assisting the new breed of pioneers to trade and communicate digitally. Thawte's range of products adds the elements of trust and integrity to all forms of information in transit over the Internet, ensuring peace of mind and protection. Thawte continues to prosper as a distinct brand within the VeriSign stable. The company has the full backing of VeriSign, while it maintains full autonomy in its day-to-day business. Our focus has remained unchanged, and we are still dedicated to our core driving forces:

  • Providing outstanding value for money
  • Ensuring world-class multi-lingual customer service
  • Extending our business to everyone

    Tribal Knowledge Group Tribal Knowledge Group

    The Tribal Knowledge Group provides professional services delivered by an unprecedented team of experts in Internet infrastructure technology. The Group provides strategy, architecture and engineering services targeted at solving security, scalability and innovation challenges faced by today's IT professionals. The Group provides services which leverage all technologies being developed by the Apache Software Foundation as well as other key infrastructure building blocks. The Tribal Knowledge Group was founded by Randy Terbush and Dirk-Willem van Gulik.

    Media Sponsor

    No profile available

    Web Services Journal
    Media Sponsor

    Web Services Journal is the only print magazine dedicated to the Web Services community that will be distributed every month to Web professionals around the world. Web Services Journal focuses on all aspects of Web Services infrastructure, enabling technologies, business process management, and collaborative business. Our goal is to provide accurate, insightful information to the information technologist working with Web Services, from developer to CIO.

    WebSphere Developers Journal
    Media Sponsor

    WebSphere Developer's Journal is the premier publication for those who design, build, customize, deploy, or administer IBM's WebSphere suite of software products for developing, testing, and deploying interoperable e-business applications - from simple Web serving to the most sophisticated transaction-based solutions.

    XML Journal
    Media Sponsor

    XML-Journal aims at the entire enterprise hierarchy - CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, vice presidents, directors, programmers, engineers, and line-of-business managers - all who understand that XML plays a role in how their systems interact with other systems and with the outside world. Each issue offers case studies and thought-provoking analysis to help business readers understand the technological advancements, while making the business needs clear to the technologist.


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