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Mon Oct 01 11:28:35 -0700 2007

Over 60 presentations featuring bleeding edge technology from Eclipse Foundation and The Apache Software Foundation.

    Opening Keynote by Peter Zotto, CEO of IONA

    Keynote by Li Gong, Chairman and CEO of Mozilla Online Ltd, will be speaking on 
   "The Open Source Spirit and the Future of China's Internet"

    Interactive Keynote Panel – by leaders of the Open Source movement in China

Featured talks:
    Mike Milinkovich is the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation will speak on The Eclipse Open Innovation Network
    Brian Behlendorf, a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation and CTO of Collabnet discusses 10 Things You Might Not Know About Open Source

And more………   
•  Open For Business! Best practices and new ideas for open source businesses and enterprise solutions.

•  Building healthy and viable Communities – it is the core of Open Source development

•  Birds of a Feather sessions through out the day will provide a chance for in-depth discussions between speakers, attendees and ASF and Eclipse members committers.

•  Key open source companies will be available to discuss their newest projects, job opportunities and what the future is from their perspective.

•  On going Wi Fi lounge will be available through out the week for coding, geeking, networking and just great conversation.

All conference prices are in US Dollars.

    Until               Pre-Conference Trainings     3-Day Conference    Special Package
                             3 hours          6 hours

    12 October     $350 USD     $550 USD             $1000 USD                   $800 USD
    2 November   $425 USD     $625 USD             $1250 USD                 not available
    At the Door     $500 USD     $700 USD             $1450 USD                 not available

SPECIAL PACKAGE – To qualify for this discount of $650 USD off of the full price conference registration, you must register for minimum of 2 nights at the Le Meridien Hotel at Cyberport.  We can only offer one conference Special Package Discount per room. Our super low rate at Le Meridien is $1700 HKD per night plus tax  - including Breakfast. This is approximately $219 USD plus tax.

What is OSSummit ASIA 2007

Tue Sep 04 11:04:37 -0700 2007

OS Summit Asia 2007:
New event, featuring the cutting edge work of both Apache and Eclipse, to drive the pace of open source adoption in Asia

Hong Kong to host Asia’s largest open source community conference in November this year. The event is expected to be hugely popular due to rapidly growing support for open source software in Asia over recent years

Hong Kong -  September 2007 - Two of the leading organizations in the open source community, The Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, have announced plans for Asia’s largest open source community conference - the first of its kind in Hong Kong and China.

The inaugural OS Summit Asia will be held at the Le Meridian hotel in Hong Kong’s leading edge Cyberport IT development zone on November 26th - 30th 2007.

With open source software rapidly growing in popularity in the region, this community summit, the first joint conference between Apache and Eclipse and the first in Hong Kong and China, is expected to be a vibrant event, encouraging a lively exchange of ideas between all those involved in OSS, including developers, vendors and users.

Winston Damarillo, Co-Executive Producer of the OS Summit said, “As Asia moves to become the largest consumer of open source technologies, it is increasingly important that the region is able to experience the open source community process in action.  We are excited to be able to demonstrate this in the context of the collaboration between Eclipse and Apache. Local communities and associations have been a tremendous help in supporting us and providing the best possible venue to launch this initiative.”

According to recent research from Evans Data Corporation (, the number of developers using open source software in Asia has jumped by 40% over the past three years. The popularity of the Linux operating system has also boomed in recent years, providing the region’s developing countries with a free and robust alternative to leading commercial operating systems.

Justin Erenkrantz, President of The Apache Software Foundation, said, “The Apache Software Foundation is delighted to be supporting open source communities in emerging countries with the OS Summit Asia 2007 conference.  We hope that by showcasing the combined communities behind Eclipse and Apache that we will be able to cultivate a stronger presence for open source in the region.”

OS Summit Asia will offer unique educational opportunities, with hands-on training, competitively selected general sessions, and a small number of invited speakers that address new technologies, development methods, business and marketing, and licensing issues in open source software. Topics featured at the summit include:

 ASF-wide projects such as Apache HTTP server, Tomcat, Struts, Geronimo, mod_perl and XML Web Services
  •  Eclipse-wide projects such as BI and Reporting Tools (BIRT), Web Tools Platform (WTP), Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Data Tools Platform (DTP), Equinox and the Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • Programming languages such as Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP
  • Web development technologies and techniques including security, performance tuning, e-commerce and Java EE
  • New technologies and trends such as Web Services and Web 2.0
  • Open source projects and activities in Asia, local efforts and case studies

Members of the Apache and Eclipse open source communities are invited to submit session proposals no later than 13th July 2007. Delegate registrations for the conference will open by the end of July.

Mike Milinkovich, Director of the Eclipse Foundation said, “This event is not just about technology: it’s about the community, culture and inevitability of open source - a movement that creates and maintains a wealth of innovation and ideas.  Across Asia interest in open source is building up and the timing of this event is perfect to harness and build on that interest.” 
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