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Returns tweets that match a specified query.





json, atom 


HTTP Method:



Requires Authentication (about authentication):



API rate limited (about rate limiting):

1 call per request 




Usage Notes:


Example queries:


Search operators:

     Most search operators can be used with API queries.


Boolean operators:


Operator Limits:

  • since: and until operators:
    • since: will return a HTTP 404 if it is too old
    • until: cannot be in the future
    • since: and until: do not accept the negation (-) operation
  • filter:links operator:
    • results are limited to 7 days
  • source: operator:
    • results are limited to 7 days
    • queries must contain at least one keyword parameter with the source: operator
  • lang= operator:
    • results are limited to 7 days
  • location operator:
    • results are limited to 7 days
  • near:
    • cannot be used in API search


Response (about return values):

Warning: The user ids in the Search API are different from those in the REST API (about the two APIs). This defect is being tracked by Issue 214. This means that the to_user_id and from_user_id field vary from the actualy user id on Applications will have to perform a screen name-based lookup with the users/show method to get the correct user id if necessary.


          JSON example (truncated):


     {"text":"@twitterapi  http:\/\/\/ctrefg",







     "source":"<a href="http:\/\/\/">web<\/a>",


     "created_at":"Wed, 08 Apr 2009 19:22:10 +0000"}],









     ... truncated ...



Usage examples: 

cURL (about cURL):



          Do you have an example to share in the language of your choice? Please share!


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