Hello and welcome to artbomb. A place for artists to show samples of their work, tell a little about themselves and their art, and link to their personal web site. This service is free to any and all artists.

Artbomb's goal is to create a central location where artists can be quickly and easily found by private or commercial persons in need of a specific type of artist or those interested in purchasing art directly.

Each artist will get their own page that consists of five pictures and any information about these pictures or themselves (no prices or resumes). See the sample artist page for guidelines. From the artist pages viewers will be able to search by type of artist, location, or name. There will also be shows in the gallery section. Art for these shows is selected from all artists on Artbomb. View sample gallery to see what these galleries will look like.

Thanks for coming to check us out and please tell two friends and so on. Any comments or questions can be sent by clicking E-mail below.

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