Paul J. Tackley, Assistant Professor

UCLA Department of Earth and Space Sciences

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Click here for my paper on 3-D plate generation: recently published in EPSL for an article about my research in SDSC's Envision newsletter for a PDF (color) preprint of my D" paper recently published in an AGU Geophysical Monograph
here for my 1996 review "Mantle Dynamics: Influence of the Transition Zone" for a general article about my research into mantle convection for a reprint (text only) of a 1996 article in Geophysical Research Letters
and here for a Physics World article (text only) "Journey to the Mantle of the Earth"
More papers coming soon....
Publication List

Graduate Students

Shunxing Xie
Paul F. Thompson
Tim Smith
Ma Li

Courses Taught

ESS 298 Journey to the Center of the Earth
ESS 9 Origin and Evolution of the Solar System
ESS100 Principles of Earth Science
ESS136A Applied Geophysics
ESS 298 Hot Topics in Global Geodynamics


Other Things

Some Convection Movies
Girlfriend Junko()
Molasses and Rusty
Triumph TR6 engine+gearbox rebuild


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