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Latest Press Releases
21/10/04 PACE President condemns arrests of demonstrators in Belarus: calls for sanctions against the regime and support for civil society
15/10/04 Victim of forced marriage to testify at parliamentary hearing
11/10/04 Second world Congress against the death penalty: statement by PACE President
08/10/04 Peter Schieder condemns attacks in Egypt
07/10/04 PACE to establish a Round Table to follow human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Chechen Republic
06/10/04 Assembly President welcomes Tadic call to vote in Kosovo election
06/10/04 PACE calls for ‘common legal area’ for action against terrorism in Europe
05/10/04 PACE’s first assessment of Serbia and Montenegro since it joined the Council of Europe
05/10/04 Monitoring Committee demands from Tiraspol that harassment of children ceases
04/10/04 Belarus elections and referendum: PACE President concerned
30/09/04 Parliamentary Assembly President welcomes Russia’s approval of Kyoto Protocol
29/09/04 PACE delegation expects ''corrective action'' in time for Ukraine election
27/09/04 PACE session (4-8 October, Strasbourg): Urgent debate on terrorism, The situation in the Chechen Republic, Monaco accession ceremony
20/09/04 Election progress in Kazakhstan slowed due to lack of transparency, observers report
16/09/04 PACE Monitoring Committee: statement on the forthcoming presidential elections in Ukraine
16/09/04 PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights outraged at arrest of human rights activists in Belarus
14/09/04 PACE President: ''Belarus referendum must be held in conformity with Council of Europe standards''
14/09/04 PACE to observe parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan
07/09/04 Statement on the terrorist attack in Beslan and the need to strengthen international cooperation against terrorism
01/09/04 Hostage taking at a school in North Ossetia: urgent appeal from the President of the Assembly
30/08/04 Peter  Schieder condemns terrorist act causing plane crashes in Russia
27/08/04 Assembly co-rapporteurs visit Ukraine
26/08/04 Assembly's Standing Committee to meet in Oslo
24/08/04 Situation in the Chechen Republic: visit by a Council of Europe delegation
12/08/04 Time to end discrimination against women in sport, says Council of Europe parliamentarian
05/07/04 The Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe urge the authorities of Belarus to investigate disappearance of MP
28/06/04 Assembly President Peter Schieder congratulates Boris Tadic on his success
25/06/04 Condemnation of rebel attacks in the North Caucasus Appeal to stop further escalation of violence
24/06/04 Assembly President Peter Schieder: ''‘The way for Monaco to the Council of Europe is open''
24/06/04 The Council of Europe should offer to help the UN in Iraq
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