Richard Stallman announced in September 1983 the plan to develop a free software Unix-like operating system called GNU. GNU is the only operating system developed specifically for the sake of users' freedom.

Streaming Audio and Video

By streaming, you can enjoy a recording without first waiting for the file to download.

Most of the ogg files have been encoded in a stream of 20Kbit. Most Internet users, including those with older modems, should be able to listen to the files streaming from our server.

You can 'stream' by either (1) playing the file while it is downloading (recommended) or (2) putting the file URL directly into your media player.
for example:

wget -q
ogg123 file.ogg




If you find a problem with this server or have a speech recording to contribute, please report to Make a task for maintainers of the project or fill a support request.

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