Counterpunch Publishes Robert David Steele’s “Fantasy” Blueprint for Electoral Reform Implementation — 2 Comments

  1. It is an honor to be noriced by Richard Winger, who has taught me and inspired me in my aggregation of electoral reform ideas from many others.

    I do not know Jim Ogle. I am so very certain that between Jesse, the small parties, Lee Camp, Alex Jones and a few others we could make this work.

    Although I think Hillary Clinton will steal the nomination from Bernie and Bernie has already said he will not run as an Independent, I see a potential Sanders-Warner ticket as the Democratic way of keeping the two party tyranny alive, and the half of the voters that vote will be stupid enough to go for it — doubling down on the Obama gambit.

    The system is what has to go. The two party tyranny has to have its back broken. Even if Bernie were elected he would be impotent in the face of a grid-locked corrupt two party Congress that sells votes by the bloc to 40+ billionaires.

    ONLY an independent ticket with a coalition cabinet AND 20-30% of Congress being small parties and independents, can restore integrity to our government. The way to do that is to mount a full court press in 2015 to force passage of the Act, and then go for the gold in 2016.

    The fantasy is not a fantasy. It is an executable plan but I need Jesse Ventura to pay attention. I don’t think he is ignoring me as much as not getting my emails, swamped by millions of others.

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