Iowa Republican Caucus Results — 30 Comments

  1. Abolish the minority rule gerrymander EC — esp ALL the caucus oligarch JUNK.

    Uniform definition of Elector in ALL of USA.

    NONPARTISAN AppV – pending Condorcet.

  2. the new york times said that two people voted for Mitt Romney. IT would be nice if they published who got what…

  3. What happened to anybody who voted against Stalin or Hitler ???

    and now – King Donald ???

  4. Does Donald von Drumpf have his fuehrerbunker and loaded pistol ready for when the time comes? Is Trump Tower Moscow still in development? Will President Sanders bring out the guillotines and firing squads? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. “Weld was on tv this morning talking about starting a new party with Romney.” – Mark Winchester

    Now THAT’S a novel idea! It’s never been done before… oh wait… it HAS!


    MR now first on King Donald’s latest PURGE list ???

    See 1934 Hitler PURGE list.
    and Stalin many 1936-1939 PURGE lists.

    ALL govt party registration lists = PURGE lists.

    SECRET petitions and ballots in ALL regimes — one more major reform to stop TYRANTS.

  7. “Libertarians” supporting impeachment are supporting the deep state and believe foreign aid should not be questioned or limited.

    “Mitt” Romney is an animal abuser and abortion lover who uses his religion to cover up his own son’s corruption in Ukraine.

  8. Lol @ trumptard conspiracy nonsense above. Btw, I’m not a libertarian, but carry on with your nonsense.

  9. “Libertarians” supporting impeachment are NOT supporting the deep state and believe foreign aid MUST STOP.

    PR – END the gerrymander oligarchs making THEIR laws
    AppV – END exec/judic HACKS
    TOTSOP – END the advanced monarch/oligarch ROT

  10. If that’s true Demo Rep then why are the people who triggered the impeachment (Bolton, Vindman and the fake whistleblower) all part of the deep state intelligence community? Why was the president impeached as result of withholding foreign aid to Ukraine?

  11. Libertarians could support impeaching Trump for different reasons. There are legitimate reasons to impeach Trump, such as for having engaged in act of war without approval from Congress, and banning bump stocks via Executive Order, and, like every President for many decades, presiding over a government which routinely violates the US Constitution. Having said this, the charges the Democrats brought against Trump were pretty ridiculous. Current LP presidential nomination candidate Jacob Hornberger wrote an article where he pointed out the absurdity and weakness of the charges, and I comnend Hornberger for his objectivity in regard to this even though he is not my first choice for the nomination (I am presently supporting Adam Kokesh for the nomination). The Democrats are not impeaching Trump for any legitimate violations if the Constitution or anything else with any real merit because they are all guilty of impeachable offenses themselves.

  12. LOL at the prospect of Bill Weld and Mitt Romney starting a new political party! What would it be called? The Really Lame Party? LOL!

  13. Every president all the way back to JFK could have been impeached on constitutional grounds.

  14. You could go back a lot further than JFK for impeaching Presidents for constitutional violations.

  15. Lincoln should’ve been impeached for illegally suspending habeas corpus and illegally waging war on his own people.

  16. Lincoln killed far more of his own people than Bashar al-Assad, Saddam Hussein or any other present day boogeyman.

  17. BREAKING NEWS: Weld and Romney form the Party for Liberty and Sanity (PLAS).

    Former Governor Bill Weld announced the creation of a new party today at a web conference simulcast on and Twitch. The party’s name: the Party for Liberty and Sanity, or PLAS for short.

    “PLAS will pull in libertarians like me as well as sane former Republicans like Senator Romney,” declared Weld at the conference, attended exclusively by a journalist for The Jack.

    Romney could not attend the conference because he was praying at his Mormon church, but one of his wives produced a sticky note that read, “After much thought and discussion with God, I have decided to exit the Republican Party and join PLAS. PLAS is the only third party with a chance of winning the election. Based on our calculations and thoughtful prayer we believe we can obtain at least 40 percent of the electorate and win the presidency. We don’t even have to do anything. This will all come about organically.”

    Weld said he was continuing his Republican presidential campaign and would seek the PLAS nomination if he were to win the Republican nomination. He figured Gary Johnson or Romney would like to run.

    Johnson was asked to comment for this story but was apparently preoccupied with a bag of chips and could not respond.

    Andy Craig, the Jack journalist who attended the conference, opened a Facebook page for the new party. He is currently the page’s only fan.

  18. parts of the de fato DEAD USA const —

    2-1 part

    Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    2-3 part *** he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed ***

    subversion of USA Const back to at least Prez J Adams – undeclared naval WAR with French revolution regime in 1797-1798.

    Almost Zillion Prez orders for Uncon acts of WAR since Adams –
    more recent Trump attacks in Syria, murder order of Iran Gen S. in Iraq, etc.


    Zillion more than quasi USA Prez acts of WAR since 1800.

    Congress HACKS play their NO FAULT game –

    IF Prez actions DO NOT cause total chaos, THEN the HACKS claim credit.

    IF Prez actions DO cause total chaos, THEN the HACKS blame the Prez.

    Mere 19 years of WAR in Afghanistan , GIs still being killed/wounded.

    SCOTUS hacks do nothing – as with Korean WAR, Vietnam WAR, Gulf WARS 1+2, etc.

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