Congressional Bills to Help States and Local Governments Pay for Ranked Choice Voting

Bills are pending in both houses of congress to award grants to states and local governments, to help them afford the transition to ranked choice voting. In the Senate, the bill is S2939, sponsored by Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and co-sponsored by Senator Angus King (I-Maine). In the house it is HR 5500, sponsored by Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minnesota). Both bills were introduced on October 5, 2021.


Congressional Bills to Help States and Local Governments Pay for Ranked Choice Voting — 80 Comments

  1. I know that’s no good if Maine is connected. FairVote has already brought one-party systems to Mane, Alaska, SF and Oakland to name a few. The Green and Libertarian Party Chairs of California fully support RCV in single-winner election districts. We’re learning everyday how both Green and Libertarian Parties are hard core systemic racists by promoting such one-party systems which are more than twice as bad as two-party systems.

    No way. Never. The one-party and two-party systems are no good. America is a melting pot. I cannot believe BAN has been complacent to this one-party implementation by FairVote, Green and Libertarian Party chairs.

    We will never accept this andf it’s a fight to the death.

  2. You want to go to war commie jewgle the turd? We’ll take you to war. Myself, my uncle the Prophet and Patriarch LARRY and, many other veterans and gun owners in our systematic White Supremacy VANILLA ISIS here on the Florida Georgia line are ready to fight to the death for our One Party System. GOD IS THE ONE. JESUS IS THE ONE. TRUMP IS THE ONE. AND THEY ARE ALL ONE!!!


    The green pukes, liberlooneytoons and demon turds can all choke on each other and go directly to HELL. I never heard of whatever “Fairvote” is supposed to be but its usually the demon rat turds and LEFTIST commies like jewgle the turd bellyaching about “fair” this and that. If that’s the case they can too.

  3. I fully support these bills. The only way that Ranked Choice Voting is going to go anywhere, beyond a few cities and party primaries, is with $$$$$.

  4. 1st SouthWest Super-state (USA-ss5) Senator Nominations
    Super-state Senator Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

    1 Super-state Senator Draft John Hudak [Libertarian] 1Titanoboa Vying for LNC Treasurer and US Senate FL P7-USA-ss5 nominated on 2021-10-22

    2 Super-state Senator Draft John Monds [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Vying for LNC Treasurer and US Senate GA P7-USA-ss5 nominated on 2021-10-22

    3 Super-state Senator Draft Robert Richie [Constitution] 1Libertarian Vying for US Senate FL P7-USA-ss5-8 nominated on 2021-10-22
    * * *

  5. “Nick Knight” is an obvious garbage posting troll whose intent is to make people on the right look crazy.

  6. No, that would be you, Andy. Nick is not a troll, he’s not crazy, and he really is Nick. You however are a crazy TROLL.

  7. Also you are the one posting garbage “Andy”, not Nick. Nick is an honourable law enforcement officer in Florida, a family man, a Klansman through and true, A valuable member of TEAM VANILLA ISIS, a veteran, and a good, true and faithful servant of God, Jesus, TRUMP, and our Patriarch and Prophet, his uncle, DEPUTY LARRY.

  8. How about “Andy” step forward and show some proof that he is who he says he is. Him claiming that other people I haven’t met either have met him in person proves nothing. So far we have only his word for it, not theirs, out of all the times he hid behind this claim.

    Also, it’s pretty bizarre for him to expect that law enforcement officers and their family members, fellow Klansmen and VANILLA ISIS members would “prove” who we are on a public message board. We have multiple targets on our backs from multiple criminal syndicates, bad actors and traitors within the federal government, the international ziocommunist conspiracy, county human resources, kids in school, and many other reasons to not “prove” anything, whatever “proof” would constitute.

    We vouch for each other, which is much more than can be said for Andy, whose entire proof of who he is consists of his own word that other people have met him. Unlike Nick, he doesn’t even use a last name. This is yet more evidence, in case any was needed, that Andy is just projecting – that is, guilty of exactly what he accuses others of.

  9. Our VANILLA ISIS team mate Andy has revealed more about himself than this unoriginal Andy. Several of us here know that he is a Vanilla ISIS member, Klansman, Christian, husband, father, veteran, farmer, trucker, patriot. You all know he proudly lives in FLORIDA near the Georgia line. You know he is a traditionalist conservative nationalist. You know he is a TRUMP supporter to the highest degree.

    What do we know about the unoriginal Andy, maybe Gonzalez, maybe not? Just his first name, a last name which other people say is his but he denies, the Same regarding the claims others have made that he is a homosexual border jumper, and his uncorroborated claim that other people here met him.

  10. So how about “Andy” step forward and show some REAL proof that he is who he says he is.

  11. I vouch for Andy. I had to take a dump one time in a grocery store bathroom. He came in there trying to get signatures on some initiatives. He kept shoving them under the stall door one after the other. Good thing too, because the damn illegals ran the freaking place out of TP.

    I Never did get a last name, but he was a very earnest and dedicated young man who put everything he had into doing his job as thoroughly as possible. It was all a bunch of right wing nonsense, but it made my ass feel a whole lot better, and I appreciate that. If I’m ever somewhere like that again, I would be happy if he helps me out again like he did that time.

  12. I already have proven who I am many times. There are people here who have met me in person. I recently attended The Tom Woods Show 2,000th Episode Bash in Orlando, FL. A bunch of people talked to me or saw me there.

  13. Question for Libertarian and Green Party Chairs of California;

    How will you ever work together using single-winner election districts?

    Are you crazy?

  14. WZ – PR legis – candidate rank order lists of other candidates.

    Voters vote for one candidate only, as usual.

  15. Ogle, Demo Rep, and Milnes commenting back to back to back. It’s a meeting of the retard convention! They should ban together and start the Retard Party.



  17. Nick has already proven who he is many times. Many of us here have met him in person. I notice no one else here except the obviously fake Alex Baldwin has said they met the unoriginal “Andy” in person. Only “Andy” claims other people met him in person and we’re supposed to take his word for it? But when a bunch of us say we know each other and live near each other he thinks you’re not supposed to take out word? I smell a double standard and rank hypocrisy.

    Recently, back in December, Deputy Nick, myself, DEPUTY LARRY and a bunch of us from VANILLA ISIS attended Trump rallies in Valdosta Georgia and Dalton Georgia, and then just in the past few months Sarasota Florida, Cullman Alabama, and Perry Georgia. A bunch of people talked to us and saw us there.

  18. Associated press reports Judge Ambrose has sealed about 100 of about 600 docket entries in the Bowers case.
    I wonder if my Amicus Curiae brief was one of them.

  19. I just got my mail in ballot.
    It is disgusting. I am sick and tired of it.
    IMO elections in USA are extremely flawed and illegitimate.
    e.g. in NJ, everybody knows the liberal democrat Phil Murphy will win.
    There is a Green on the ballot, which I voted for, and a libertarian.
    They could have vote coordinated to win (PLAS)
    but it was never even mentioned.
    They were the only Greens or Libertarians on the ballot I believe.
    But it doesn’t matter.
    Just about the whole thing is a sham.
    Even 2024 we know the election is rigged.
    The GP and LP nominations are rigged.
    Not only by the upper eschelon party hacks but also the democrats, republicans and Israel
    i.e. The ZOG.
    The Hawkins ticket was the Guaranteed Loser Kiss of Death socialist ticket. Walker a Token.
    Jo Jorgensen was a Token.
    And Spike was the Spy in Plain Sight.
    The whole thing just about, is corrupt and flawed.
    Far beyond Duverger’s Law.

  20. The Supreme Court sucks.
    Congress sucks.
    The Presidency, what is left of it after the Trump fiasco,
    Biden has to scrap Climate Change budgeting because of a couple of centrist turds?
    Pathetic Sleepy Joe.

  21. You’re already sending the garbage comments, Rabbi Milnestein. I doubt they’re from the Sinai though, since that’s part of Egypt. Negev, perhaps. You are not fooling anyone, except maybe the unoriginal Andy (maybe Gonzalez, maybe not). And it seems you just called him a retard. For once you may be right, but he’s the only one who appears to take you halfway seriously. But then, success for your stated goals is obviously not part of your mission/assignment.

    Anyone who pays attention already knows you don’t want the end of ZOG. You ARE ZOG!!! Your mission with Bowers is to tie up a loose end and try to get him to commit suicide by judge, jury and executioner since he failed at suicide by cop.

  22. I am not Zionist, Thank God!
    I am not Jewish, Thank God!
    I am not a Democrat, Thank God.
    I am not a Republican, Thank God!
    ZOG= Zionist Occupied Government. In America and Palestine.
    ZOG is democrats and republican supporting Israel so much that is able to influence and manipulate the government and the people so that it can use American largess to control and enslave the World.
    That is not me, Thank God!
    Bowers! Bowers! Bowers!
    Begin The End of The ZOG!
    Thank God!
    I am a non denominational Christian.

  23. Everything Milnestein says he’s not is what he is. His god is Satan, the physical father of hook nosed yids like himself, and the father of lies. The Talmud and the Elders of Zion direct the yids to lie to the gentiles . It is a sacrament and commandment of their twisted satanic religion, much like their fellow sand turds, the mohammetans.

    Remember, by way of deception they do war. Milnestein slavishly serves ZOG by pushing their marxist “progressive” communism, by slandering apartheid, by aggressively pushing the evil “vaccine” poison using the overblown kung fu flu as a fig leaf, by trying to tie up a loose end and kill Bowers, by pushing top 666 and communist egalitarianism “level the playing field,” by trying to push for Israel reconquering the Sinai from Egypt, and by every other lie and twisted bit of satanic propaganda he pushes.

    Rabbi Milnestein is a communist. Rabbi Milnestein is a Satanist. Everything he says is a lie, or based on lies, or meant to misdirect and mislead and confuse. His god is Satan. That’s who he is thanking.

  24. You can’t believe anything rabbi Milnestein says. It has recently come out that he is actually a commie Jew who works for ZOG. Of course he denies it, but it’s been proven far beyond the shadow of any kind of reasonable doubt.

  25. Justice for Bowers.
    Speedy trial by jury of his peers.
    Affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others, his fellow Americans and defense of country from terrorism, foreign and domestic.

  26. Yes, I am highly motivated.
    I live in a ZOG country. One of two, the other being Palestine.
    The Palestinians do not fare very well in their own country, now do they?
    I think I have a pretty good idea of what it is like to be a surveilled and persecuted person in Palestine.
    Compromised or “died” family, friends, supporters etc.
    And then the Bowers case. It raises the possibility of beginning to end the ZOG.
    If the ZOG is defeated in US Court. If Bowers gets a dismissal, hung jury or best case scenario, acquittal.
    Not guilty by reason of self defense, defense of others and country, from terrorism, foreign and domestic.
    A recognition that Israel is an apartheid, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. That the jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists.
    But the Bowers defense is in jeopardy. The ZOG is very powerful. I am worried.
    I would like to know what happened to my ex girlfriend. I feel responsible.
    And my uncle, more like a brother.
    My friend with the high I.Q.
    My father.
    Were they attacked because of MY politics?
    I want to live my life, what’s left of it, in peace.
    And hopefully, prosperity.
    I can’t do that myself.
    I need help.

  27. Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.
    I hope no one thinks I am enjoying any of this.
    It was a terrible outburst of violence.
    Let us take note of the anniversary.
    Maybe some good can come of it.
    If the jews could realize how terrible Israel is for many people.
    I ask everyone to support Bowers’ defense.
    His right to a speedy trial is already gone.
    I have offered my assistance with his defense pro bono.
    Please help with his defense.

  28. I say The ZOG did 9/11.
    20 homicidal/suicidal Islamic zealots were identified and recruited.
    This is no quick and easy task.
    Saudi Arabia.
    Who could get Saudi Arabia to cooperate secretly to deliver such people for a covert operation?
    The USA and Israel.
    Whoever did it knew full well that those buildings, the Twin Towers, would be destroyed, killing many people and first responders.
    The idea was to prop up George Bush.
    And to begin The -so called- war on Terror.
    i.e. the wars against its many enemies Israel would like to fight but cannot. For lack of manpower.
    But… there is a huge powerful army ready to do it on command.
    By who?
    George Bush, President of the USA.
    Think about United Flight 93,
    about Falling Man, whoever he was,
    and all the others who fell to their deaths, or jumped.
    just before The Twin Towers Fell.
    Think about the first responders killed or injured hastening to try to help the doomed people,
    becoming among the doomed themselves.
    And those in the Pentagon, the headquarters of the helpless most powerful army in the world.
    And The Laughing Israelis on the Jersey side of the river, watching the burning and people falling.
    Before you turn your thumb down and say guilty to Robert Bowers.

  29. Bowers will be acquitted. He will have a Champion that I did not in 1985.
    When I was vanquished by the arrogant ZOG lackey US Attorney.
    You will piss and shit into the sands of Sinai.
    And be appreciative and grateful, foreign territory to you.

  30. Yes and Robert Milnes will be President of the United States and will have unprotected anal sex with Kate Upton. All of that will definitely happen.

  31. Today is the third anniversary of The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting.
    I am considering writing a post on my blog about it.
    I would like to have a discussion about it via comments perhaps, but the traffic is very low.
    That would be difficult. I believe because my blog has been successfully suppressed.
    By paulie to a large extent. But by many people for not discussing the issues at The PLAS Place, for whatever reason they may have.
    So, I propose having a discussion about it here. With Richard’s non interference/consent.
    The stage has been set with previous comments.
    Please comment further.

  32. Is it verboten to discuss the truth about fauXI and how he deserves the same treatment he gave dogs here?

  33. Rabbi Milnestein is avoiding pertinent questions and trying to distract everyone with outlandish and irrelevant bullshit.

    Israel is a terrorist state, true. It should be destroyed with neutron bombs, but only after all the Juden from every part of the world are rounded up and sent there. That is the vision of the patriarch and prophet, DEPUTY LARRY, the Patriarch and Prophet of VANILLA ISIS.

    BUT. Why does Rabbi Milnestein say apartheid like it’s a bad thing? What was bad about apartheid in South Africa? Is south Africa better off bring ruled by commie negroes who are committing genocide of Whites?

    Why does Rabbi Milnestein say theocratic like it’s a bad thing? That just means God rules. GUESS WHAT? GOD RULES!!!!

    What revolution does Rabbi Milnestein mean when he says counterrevolutionary?
    I don’t think he means the American revolution. I think he means the global Marxist revolution. What do you think?

    Rabbi Milnestein calls himself a progressive. What are progressives progressing towards? I think they mean they are progressing towards communist hell, which they believe or want you to believe would be communist utopia. What do you think?

    Why does Rabbi Milnestein avoid these and all other pertinent questions and links? I think I know why. What do you think?

  34. Why does this unoriginal “Andy” jump in to distract from pertinent questions for Rabbi Milnestein with irrelevant and ridiculous distractions falsely and ridiculously speculaying about members of TEAM VANILLA ISIS and his specious guesses about who he claims we are?

    Is “Andy” Secretly a Zionist COMMUNIST who,is just pretending to be right-wing and gentile? Much like RABBI Milnestein is only pretending to be gentile and anti Zionist when he is actually a Jew commie. Maybe this unoriginal “Andy” is too. Maybe they are working together?

  35. We have already told you who we are. We have vouched for each other. Many people saw us in person at many Trump rallies in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Despite the unoriginal Andy’s claims that other people here met him, no one has actually confirmed meeting him.

    Why is Andy jumping in to defend Rabbi Milnestein, who has been exposed as a Zionist puppet and a commie? Does that mean “Andy” is also a Zionist COMMIE pos?

    Maybe “Andy” should answer the questions that his bff Rabbi Milnestein keeps avoiding?

  36. That’s right. It’s from a real Andy, a member of TEAM VANILLA ISIS in Florida near the Georgia line, a conservative Klansman who stands for Race and Nation and the Gospel of God, Jesus and Trump. Not from the unoriginal “Andy” whose only proof of who he claims to be is his own word that other people here supposedly met him, and who is trying to deflect from a Zionist COMMIE being exposed. Maybe because this fake ass “Andy” is also actually a Zionist COMMUNIST despite his claims that he’s not?

  37. The post from 10/27/21 at 5:54 PM is NOT from me.

    There are several people who have posted here over the years who have met me in person, including Richard Winger.

  38. Of course it’s not from you. That’s already been established, “Andy.” We still have only YOUR word that anyone here has met you. NOT ANYONE ELSE’S!!! Meanwhile, numerous members of TEAM VANILLA ISIS have testified that we know each of other in person.

    But let’s say someone more credible than “Alex Baldwin” did testify they met you in person. They haven’t, but what if they did? Well first of all, who are THEY? WE WOULD NOT KNOW WHO THEY ARE EITHER. You mention Mr. Winger. The only thing we know about him is that he runs this forum. I have seen many people here say he is actually a commie. Maybe he’s part of the same Jew commie conspiracy cell or operation as you and maybe also Rabbi Milnestein? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

    Or maybe they are real people, and really met you. Great. But does that mean they know what your real motives are, or who’s paying you to post the bullshit and nonsense you post here? Maybe you fooled them. SO WHAT???

    But let’s leave all that to when and if someone besides yourself or “Alex Baldwin” actually does say they’ve REALLY met you. Because so far they have not. No matter how many times YOU claim it. None of these people, the only one of whom you have named being Richard Winger as far as I know, have verified your claims. NOT EVEN ONCE!!!


  39. Don’t let Rabbi Milnestein fool you. Zionists and communist, liberal, progressive, socialist and demonrat…like feminist, egalitarian, and many other ways that Satan tries to fool us. They all stem from the so called enlightenment (Latin word: illuminati; Lucifer: the fallen angel of light, Satan) , the satanic Talmud, and the Elders of Zion with their satanic “new age” sewage or globalist New World Order.

    But then you already knew all THAT. And we have proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that you knew, because you are part of this conspiracy. Nice try, rabbi. NOT!!!

    Anyone who is paying attention can see that you are trying to deflect from the real questions, and that the unoriginal “Andy” (whatever his last name is) is trying to help you get off the hook. And failing. Badly. Real questions like:

    What do you have against apartheid? Is South Africa better off since it ended?

    What do you have against theocracy, rabbi? If GOD doesn’t rule, WHO DOES???

    When you call israhell counterrevolutionary. What revolution are you talking about, rabbi? HMMMMM…I WONDER!?!?!?

    WHEN you say you are a “progressive” what is it that progressives are progressively progressing towards?

    WHY is the unoriginal Andy trying to help you avoid these questions, or not telling us what HE thinks the answers are???? AND INSTEAD FOCUSING ON STUPID IRRELEVANT BULLSHIT LIKE HIS BOGUS “THEORIES” about us or the already stipulated fact, that OUR Andy isn’t him????


  40. Everyone!
    The time approaches.
    The Beginning of The End of The ZOG! Thank GOD!
    The Judge in the Bowers case in Pittsburgh US District Court
    is urging for a trial date. No more delays!
    Contact the Judge, US Attorney and Judy Clarke.
    Demand Bowers right to an affirmative defense.
    That he enter a plea of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others and country.
    From the International Terrorism of The ZOG!
    The True Defense in this case.
    To be presented to a jury of his peers, as is his Constitutional right.
    An American jury of good and jurisprudent Citizens.
    Bowers! Bowers! Bowers!
    Begin The End of The ZOG!
    Thank GOD!

  41. Oh look, rabbi Milnestein necros a top if and still doesn’t answer the questions. Maybe his bff the unoriginal Andy, unoriginal Andy bff fake checker, or someone else wants to answer? Rabbi Milnestein shows no shame after it’s been proven over and over that he is a zog agent or puppet and that his interest in Bowers is to tie up a loose end and ensure he gets executed, since “suicide by cop” failed.

  42. Left wing nuts.
    What are you doing to support Bowers?
    BDS is not enough.
    Boycott, Divest, Sanction.
    Because The ZOG is too powerful.
    The US government is too powerful.

  43. Ultra Right, enemies of The ZOG.
    Radical Left, enemies of The ZOG.
    An enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Ultras, Radicals,
    work together to support the Bowers Defense.
    In Pittsburgh, PA.
    Begin The End of The ZOG!
    Thank GOD!

  44. Beware of The ZOG, it creeps,
    and leaps, and glides and slides,
    across the floor,
    right through the door.

    and all around the wall.
    A splotch, a blotch,
    be careful of The ZOG.

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