U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Over Composition of Ohio Elections Commission

On November 1, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Libertarian Party of Ohio v Crites, 21-226. This is the case over the composition of the Ohio Election Commission. Ohio law says the members of the Commission must be three members of the two largest parties (as measured by which two parties have the most seats in the legislature), and a member chosen by the other six who is not a member of any party. Thus a minor party member may never serve.

The Court’s action continues a 30-year unbroken refusal by the court to accept any cert petition filed by a minor party or independent candidate, unless the two major parties were also in the case on the same side as the minor party. Yet during that 30-year period the court accepted six cert petitions filed when the minor party or independent candidate had won in the court below, and the state sought Supreme Court review. They include cases on ballot access, fusion, party freedom to decide for itself to let independents vote in its primaries, debates, and exclusion of independent and minor party candidates from serving as a state court judge.

Here is a short Associated Press article on the refusal.


U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Over Composition of Ohio Elections Commission — 48 Comments

  1. ANY SCOTUS member who was NOT a party hack since Apr 1861 – start of USA Civil WAR I ???




  3. ANTI-Democracy gerrymander regimes in ALL 50 states —

    1/2 or less votes x 1/2 rigged gerrymander areas

    = 1/4 or less CONTROL = oligarchy — with lawless monarch bosses.

    Super-worse extremist primary math.

    Thus — the degenerate USA prez/state/local tyrant monarchs — esp since 1933

    — since legis bodies are soooo UN-representative.

    ANY LP case since 1962-1964 SCOTUS screwed up gerrymander cases ???

    Remedy since 1840s – 1840s — PR.

  4. It’s simply not believable that there could be more than one person with an extremely rare name like Andy here.

  5. Everyone knows Andy Gonzalez is the only Andy who comments here. Maybe the others can call themselves Amdy or something.

  6. My name is not Gonzalez, and I comment here. I have as much right to use the name I have had all my life as anyone else. If the other Andy or Andies refuse to use a last name, number, nickname, or anything else besides just a first name, well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  7. Trump did the Chop, so I’m going with Braves win. I’m thinking in 6. YOUNGKIN by 5 officially and way more in the actual results, but a win is a win.

  8. In a massive surprise for everyone, Princess Blanding will get elected governor of Virginia. I haven’t followed baseball in decades, and back when I did, I was a Yankees fan. But Steinbrenner is an asshole, and I only watch college sports now, when I watch sports at all.

  9. I’ll go with Braves in 6 though just to spite my nasty shrew of an ex girlfriend who is from Houston. Not that she cares about sports either.

  10. Bro, you’re so right about Princess Blanding. Everyone is sleeping on her, and they got another thing coming!

    Like my twin, I also did not watch baseball hardly ever from my college years up until just a few years ago when I retired. But then I realized, hey, hot guys with huge, hard bats playing with balls for a living! Um, right?

    Now as for the world series, I don’t think anyone will win. Chaos is going to errupt starting with a bunch of streakers on the field at Minute Maid Park, leading to fans emptying unto the field, followed by Mexican cartels which are betting billions on the series showing their displeasure by busting out the caches of weapons and explosives they hit throughout the stadium.

    Upon autopsies being performed on the players it will be found that so many were on illegal and performance enhancing drugs that there weren’t enough eligible players in either side to field a team to start with. The whole season will be declared null and void.

  11. I don’t think it would stop the streakers, much less the mass homicide in minute maid park that’s about to be perpetrated by coke crazed cartel bandidos.

  12. WZ – enough time left for the commie/fascist gangsters to purge ALL minor parties and independents off the ballots FOREVER ???

    — since such minor parties and independents have MORON lawyers unable to detect 1954 Brown v Bd of Ed since 1968 Williams v Rhodes

    — ie to DEMAND that 1968 Williams and ALL later ballot access be OVERRULED and be put in the SCOTUS graveyard of JUNK opins.

    — to esp. reduce the stress on BAN editors.

  13. Andy Gonzalez, who are you? Your name has been mentioned here, but I don’t know who you are. Some people here have mistakenly thought I was you, even though I do not have a Spanish surname.

  14. If this is the real Andy, what are your predictions for tonight in the World Series and Virginia election?

  15. I have never followed baseball, and I have not paid enough attention to the Virginia gubernatorial race to make a prediction.

  16. He’s not the real Andy. Not knowing baseball has been a time tested way of identifying foreign spies since at least the world wars of the last century. Clearly he is a foreign troll, most likely based in or at least hired by Israel or China. The real Andy is American, which means he would know and follow baseball.

    Braves in 6, Youngkin by 7 official, Youngkin by 27 unofficial.

  17. They would need more votes than their are registered voters in that County. McOily is toast. Youngkin by 9, Astros in 7.

  18. Yep! We done told y’all. Team vanilla ISIS can’t be matched when it comes to prediction. The Prophet and Patriarch, deputy Larry, is truly miraculous and unbelievable with the miraculous gift of prophecy . We all have witnessed it here more times than we can count.

    Even I , a former atheist and leftard, was drawn to pray to Jesus and Trump his second coming after seeing it first hand until the skepticism and cynicism was lifted from me, bit by bit by bit. Now I am a true convert to the Gospel, privileged to light the Cross and bring the light of Jesus and Trump to the unconverted! Praise God!


  19. I deeply and humbly apologize for incorrectly predicted an Astros win. I deserve all the shame, scorn , abuse, and filth to be thrown at me on my naked walk of shame.

  20. Well it looks like I somehow whiffed it on Blanding. But at least I was correct about Braves in 6! I feel really bad for anyone who did not predict either contest correctly!

  21. I believe that anyone who predicted mcawful or the Astros would win doesn’t truly understand baseball or politics.

  22. Hola amigos . I spoke with my heart, not my head, to predict Astros win. Lo siento! But at least I called it correctly for Youngkin! Muy exelente! Viva Youngkin, Viva Trump, Viva Libertad y Estados Unidos! Orale!

  23. Hello different Andy’s and everyone else. Since you asked let me tell you about myself.

    My mother was an American h1ppie who shacked up with a dru9 dealer in Mexico. When she learned that she was pre9nant she wanted to get an abort1on, but he locked her in a bas3ment until I was born, then let her go and kept me. When I was a child I was not sent to school. I was kept working, harvesting and tending the mota, picking out seeds and stems, be99ing in the street, making deliveries, being sold for s3x, and so on. My father got me addicted to hero1n and cr2ck as a way to control me.

  24. I fled as a w3tback to America and have lived a life of cr1me and collecting w3lfare. I also got involved with the commun1st movement and ant1fa. I tried to find my mother and eventually found her grave. She overd0sed and died a long time ago. I have overd0sed many times but I keep waking up.

    I hate everyone, everything and myself. I am an athe1st and interested in learning more about Satan1sm. I am ob3se, gay, and strung out on a lot of different drugs.

    I also have a twin brother Paul. He grew up the same as me but he got off the d0pe and became a Republican. He’s recently married to a supersuperbbw American woman from a very religious evangelical family from Oklahoma. They go to church or bible study every day and love Trump, whom I hate.

  25. Ok, so actually most of that is bullshit. But some of it is true. You’ll have to guess which parts are which.

  26. My congratulations to Youngkin, Trump, GOP, and Atlanta Braves and their fans. They are winner’s, unlike myself.

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