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    About B&Beyond; Sydney

    About us
    B&Beyond; Sydney is designed and owned by Fran Seton and Dave Cundy. Together, Fran and Dave bring to the business many years of experience from areas such as Customer Relations, Marketing, Project Management, Systems Implementation, Accountancy, Change Management, Executive Training and Sports Management and Administration. As well as B&Beyond; Sydney, they also operate Cundy Sports Marketing, specialising in Event Management.

    Fran Seton
    As the conceptual creator of B&Beyond; Sydney, Fran has a background of achievement, culminating in a Senior Managerial position with one of the world’s leading computer companies. Having headed up many projects involved in the installation of major computer systems, Fran combines this with experience in various fields, such as:

    • Communications
    • Conference Facilitation
    • Client Relationship Management
    • Executive and Management Training
    • Systems Analysis and Management
    • Management of the Sydney Olympic Results Systems

    Fran also enjoys public speaking, presenting a range of topics ranging from the development of B&Beyond; Sydney to broader subjects such as Motivation, Investment Strategies and Life Balance. Fran’s interest in these areas has been inspired by her day to day experiences in life, and exposure to the experts in their fields.

    Fran has managed to achieve a high level of success in her professional career while raising a family, maintaining an exercise regime, and making the most of each day. Growing up in country NSW has also provided a down to earth basis for dealing with guests and making sure that their every need is met.

    Fran’s Management career and involvement in Sports Marketing has provided opportunites to travel the world frequently, a passion that both she and Dave have pursued avidly.

    The one common thread that has run through all her work has been Fran’s commitment to providing an outstanding level of service to clients. The establishment of B&Beyond; Sydney has afforded an opportunity to combine a love of travel and a enthusiasm for life that is reflected in day to day dealings with all clients.

    Dave Cundy
    Anyone who has ever run a marathon in Australia is familiar with Dave's name - organiser of the Canberra Marathon for the past 20 years, currently working on the Gold Coast Marathon as Technical Director and well known in distance running circles worldwide.

    Dave has successfully operated Cundy Sports Marketing for the past 20 years, combining this with a career in Tax Law and Accountancy. Dave’s sporting knowledge is highly sought after and he consults to a number of sporting organisations both within Australia, the Pacific Region as well as worldwide. Dave has a wealth of experience in:

    • Athlete Management
    • Professional Speaking
    • Small Business Management
    • Media Liaison and Publicity
    • Journalism

    As someone who both manages events as well as the associated media publicity, while also writing regular columns for sporting publications, Dave’s expertise in this area is recognised as being second to none. This expertise lead to his appointment as the Race Director for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Marathons, as well as international appointments by the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations).

    Dave is in constant demand for public speaking engagements as well as training seminars, a pursuit which sees him travel Australia, Asia Pacific and the world frequently.

    In taking time out from the work front, Dave enjoys running (having completed 31 marathons!), cycling, travel and spending time with the family.

    Our aim
    B&Beyond; Sydney’s aim is to provide you with a personalised accommodation booking service. B&Beyond; Sydney is the most comprehensive site for booking all your B&B; accommodation requirements. No more going from site to site, trying to plan your stays. We will be able to assist with your reservation, keeping your comfort and convenience in mind.

    B&Beyond; Sydney affords you a wonderful opportunity to stay as a paying guest in a private family home or an unhosted privately owned establishment. You will receive a warm welcome from hosts happy to share their homes with you and attend to the detail which will make your stay memorable. Should you be seeking a quiet retreat, our hosts will respect your privacy.

    You will enjoy the real social and cultural benefits of meeting friendly hosts willing to share their local knowledge with you. It’s like having a personal guide at your destination.

    If you do not wish to journey through the listed B&Bs; but would really like to experience personal hospitality, send me an email, let me know the areas you wish to visit, days you have available, number of guests, etc and we’ll get back to you with a list of B&Bs; that meet your requirements.

    And of course, we welcome your feedback on your B&Beyond; Sydney experience. Please let me know about your stay…… fill in our Guestbook details and share your experiences with other guests.

    While we prefer to hear the positive stories about your wonderful experiences, we also wish to know if anything needs improvement. After all, our business is about providing the best level of service … if we don’t, I need to know.

    Cheers & happy B&B;'ing!

    Fran & Dave

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