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    Booking Terms and Conditions

    Confirmations and responses
    For internet reservations/enquiries we will respond within 24 hours. For local (Australian) guests, the turnaround time will inevitably be much faster.

    Our current turnaround time for phone bookings is under 10 minutes, a service level we aim to maintain.

    For internet bookings, when we receive your booking enquiry, an automatic confirmation is forwarded to you via email. The email also contains a link to our website, which you may use at any time to monitor the progress of your booking. This link enables you to view your booking on our website and is secured via a password. You can also access your details by using the link on our website and keying in your password.

    Once we have confirmed availability with the B&B;, we will send you another email confirming your requested dates are available and advise you of the total accommodation cost as well as the amount of deposit required to secure your booking. To confirm your booking and pay your deposit, just use the link in the email which takes you directly to your booking, where you can input your payment details. It is important that you pay your deposit within 48 hours, as your booking will lapse if we are unable to confirm with the B&B; within this timeframe.

    Once I process your payment, your booking is confirmed and you will receive an email notification, providing details of your stay and contact details for your hosts. Where directions have been provided by the B&B; owner, this information will also be included with your confirmation.

    If you email us and receive no response, please do try again. Modern technology is wonderful but sometimes emails misbehave.

    Booking conditions
    When you send your booking request, we will confirm the availability with your hosts and advise you immediately. At this time, you will be asked to confirm your booking.

    On receipt of your confirmation, a 10% deposit of your total accommodation cost will be debited against your credit card. This deposit is deductible from your total bill, which is settled directly with your host. There is no additional charge to you for our service.

    Some B&Bs; have specific deposit and cancellation requirements that differ from B&Beyond; Sydney's policy and may levy their own cancellation fees, which can be up to 100%. These details are clearly displayed on the B&B; details page when you select your destination and you should read this information carefully. The amount of the deposit required is also clearly outlined when you submit your payment details.

    Payment by cheque or bank draft
    While we are happy to accept a personal cheque or bank draft (in Australian dollars), your deposit needs to cover fully your first night’s accommodation.

    Should you choose to pay by cheque or bank draft, you will need to forward your deposit to B&Beyond; Sydney to confirm your reservation. If you are paying by a means other than credit card, you will be reminded to forward payment and full contact details are provided. Please refer to our contact details page for further information.

    Your 10% deposit is non refundable in the event of any cancellation or postponement. Where a B&B; has a deposit/cancellation policy that differs from B&Beyond; Sydney, their policy will take precedence with regard to additional penalties incurred in the case of a cancellation.

    No deposit will be debited against your credit card until:
    1. we have confirmed availability with your host for the dates you have selected
    2. you have confirmed your request to proceed with the booking and provide deposit payment details

    Cancellation policy

    The use of the term 48 hours, in relation to postponements and cancellations, means two clear days in advance of your arrival. For example, if your expected day of arrival is Saturday, more than 48 hours means no later than close of business Wednesday (Australian eastern standard time - Sydney).

    The use of the term 24 hours, in relation to postponements and cancellations, means more than one clear day in advance of your arrival. For example, if your expected day of arrival is Saturday, more than 24 hours means no later than close of business Thursday (Australian eastern standard time - Sydney).

    Cancellation means cancelling your booking without making provision for a further stay.

    Postponement means cancelling your current booking while confirming dates for a further stay.

    No show refers to failing to arrive at your booked B&B; without notice. Most B&Bs; will hold your booking until 5pm on the day of your arrival and you should advise them directly if you have been delayed.

    If you postpone your booking by confirming a further date (which is available) no penalties will be incurred if this is done more than 48 hours ahead of your arrival day.

    If you postpone within 48 hours of your arrival day and a new date cannot be found, resulting in a cancellation, a charge of 50% of your total tariff or one nights accommodation (whichever is the lesser amount) will apply.

    A cancellation more than 48 hours in advance of your arrival day will result in loss of your 10% deposit.

    If you cancel between 24 and 48 hours in advance of your arrival day a charge of 50% of one nights accommodation will apply.

    If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance of your arrival day, one nights accommodation charge will apply. Loss of one nights accommodation also applies to no shows.

    Subsequent Postponement or Cancellation
    In the event of a subsequent postponement or cancellation, all circumstances will be taken into account when assessing any payment due.

    B&Beyond; Sydney’s policy
    Please note it is our full intention to work with both you, the traveller, and our hosts to facilitate the best possible outcome for any unforeseen circumstances that may lead to a cancellation. While looking after our customers we must also keep in mind our hosts business commitments and late cancellations can have a significant impact on them.

    All cancellations/postponements will be treated as individual cases, depending on the prevailing circumstances. We’re here to help you.

    Travel insurance
    Full travel insurance, which protects against unexpected changes to your travel agenda, is recommended.

    Online reservations and security

    Still don’t want to use your credit card on the Internet?
    If you still prefer not to use a credit card on the Internet, simply print your order and post/fax it to us with your credit card detail, personal cheque drawn on an Australian bank account or a bank draft (for overseas customers) in Australian dollars. In the case of cheques, the booking will be confirmed immediately the cheque has been cleared.

    Booking at short notice
    If you need to book at short notice, please make sure you provide your credit card details and we will immediately proceed with your booking. Please feel free to phone us. if your need is particularly urgent and we will process your booking immediately

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