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    It's FREE to include your B&B; on our website

    Would you like to see your B&B; listed on our website? Send us an application today. Listing with us is absolutely FREE - no upfront charge, no ongoing charges, just a 100% commitment on our part to obtaining bookings on your behalf. There is no risk, no charges and no down side for you! We do all the work and you reap the rewards with higher occupancy rates.

    It's simple. Please click here* to fill in the application form and send it to us online.

    Our booking and cancellation policy is outlined on the Booking Conditions page of our website. While these booking and cancellation policies provide for consistent conditions across all B&Bs;, should you have policies that vary from B&Beyond; Sydney please contact me and we can discuss your requirements, which we are happy to facilitate.

    B&Beyond; Sydney can offer you the following benefits when listing on our site:

    • no costs to you when you list with us. It's FREE!!!
    • a personalised booking service for all your guests
    • B&Beyond; Sydney will have the most comprehensive listing of B&Bs; in one central location, making it easy for your guests to find you when they are not aware of your name or location
    • B&Beyond; Sydney will manage all bookings, cancellations and communications on your behalf, including the processing of any cancellation fees (or deposits) due to you you can include a link to B&Beyond; Sydney on your web site to facilitate quick and easy bookings for your guests
    • we will be actively marketing Australian B&Bs; both domestically and internationally on your behalf
    • there is no obligation or commitment on your part….. if you feel our service is not working for you, you can withdraw at any time
    • I can guarantee I will be working to improve your current occupancy rates and source new clients!

    We do need a photo to guarantee we present your B&B; at its optimum on the web site. The specifications are clearly set out on the application form.

    Please contact me or send an email from this page if I can provide you with any further information.


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