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Mon, Oct 4, 1999 

Nobody knows the Net like About.com Guides. The sites in our network are run by company-certified subject specialists, dedicated experts who dig deep for the best the Net has to offer and serve it up with a personal touch. About.com Guides are experts at creating environments where visitors feel welcomed and cared for - places where people can find what they want and trust what they find - and Our sponsors and advertisers benefit from the atmosphere of trust our Guides create.

We can help you target your message across groups of sites within our network with ease and precision, putting your message in environments that attract highly-focused users who are looking for more than just a list of links. For the full story, take a look at our online presentation.


You'll find us on all the key "top sites" lists, including Media Metrix, PC Magazine’s Top 100, and Net Ratings. We've come so far so quickly since our launch that Media Metrix ranked us among the Fastest Growing Sites of 1998. About.com subscribes to @plan (www.webplan.net), the strategic planning system for Web advertisers and marketers. @plan (www.webplan.net) information is available via your About.com sales representative.

Support Services

We offer a wide range of supporting services including media accountability to the most exacting industry standards, ad-serving by DoubleClick DART, real-time access to tracking reports and third-party auditing.

Explore The Options

We invite you to explore the options we offer to sponsors and advertisers by following the links at the left-hand side of this page. Our dedicated sales team is engaged in shaping the future of advertising on the Web and ready to discuss the options with you. Requests for proposals may be sent to your your About.com sales representative.

Link to About.com

Do you want About.com to link to your web site? To request a link from an About.com site, you first need to identify which is most important to your needs. Second, click on the feedback text link in the community section at the top of each site. Next, fill out the feedback form with the URL that you're suggesting. The guide will evaluate your request and make a decision based on the best interests of the community they serve. Or, you can email the Guide directly by clicking on the Guide's photo at the top of their site which will identify their email address.

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