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The Beowulf Project was started at CESDIS in the summer of 1994 with the assembly of a 16 node cluster developed for the Earth and space sciences project (ESS) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The project quickly spread to other NASA sites, other R&D; labs and to universities around the world. The project's scope and the number of Beowulf installations have grown over the years; in fact, they appear to continue to grow at increasing rate. This Web-site attempts to provide an introduction to the Beowulf project and a distribution mechanism for contributions CESDIS continues to make to the project.

The site is organized as follows:

Introduction and Overview
This contains an introduction and overview of the Beowulf Project: history, goals, philosophies and observations.
Beowulf Networking Drivers
One of the keys to the development of Beowulf clusters is the availablity of affordable, high performance networks to serve as "back planes" for the cluster. The development of network drivers for Linux continues to be one of the primary foci for the CESDIS effort.
Beowulf Software
The Beowulf software environment is implemented as an add-ons to commercially available, royalty-free base Linux distributions. This page is distribution point for this software.
Project Scrap Book
This electronic scrap book is a collection of old announcement, pointers to press releases, pictures and a log of note worthy events.
Beowulf Consortium
In addition to a growing list of links to other Beowulf sites, the Beowulf Consortium provides a opportunity for sharing ideas among groups that are developing Beowulf software or developing application for Beowulf clusters.
Mailing List Archives
This Hypermail archive of the Beowulf related mailing lists is good place to catch up on previous discussions. Instructions for subscribing to the mailing lists are on the Consortium page.
Beowulf Hardware GSFC
This is a brief description of Beowulf clusters at the Goddard Space Flight Center.
Information on specific, narrow Beowulf topics
Beowulf Bulk Data Server
The goal of this project is to construct a secondary storage system using Beowulf technology.
How to Build a Beowulf
Linux at CESDIS
Linux software being developed at CESDIS.
Beowulf Papers and Presentations
A short collection of journal and conference paper along with overhead slides from various presentations.

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