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The best records ever made – it’s an argument that’s gone on for decades. In the 60s they held ‘Sgt Peppers…’ above all others. In the 70s The Sex Pistols and The Clash stakes their claim against ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust…’. The 80s saw The Smiths enter the fray and by the 90s Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Radiohead were piling classic upon masterpiece to prove themselves worthy of sitting amongst the greats. And the story wasn’t over yet; to this day, world-shattering singles and albums continue to flood the scene from all sides – from Kanye West’s hip-hop spectacles to PJ Harvey’s wartime journals.

So, to settle the argument once and for all, NME polled writers from throughout its illustrious history to vote for the 500 best albums and 500 best songs ever made. The results will surprise, anger, delight and inspire you in equal measure, all compiled into this ultimate go-to guide to all that is brilliant in music. Everything you need to hear, all here…

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