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Name: nathan balboa
Date: 2005-04-10 01:09:00
E-mail Address: ndb3000gt@yahoo.com
Home Page:
Message: i am only 13. i have listened to smashing pumpkis since i was 6.

i have every album and even shaved my head like billy. smashing pumpkins is my favorate band

Name: bisexual corganlovr
Date: 2005-03-27 15:52:00
E-mail Address: shirleysbitch69@yahoo.com
Home Page:
Message: hey u pumpkin/grunje fans!!! im a big sp fan like yurselves. i have about 4 or 5 pumpkin albums. i love billy corgan uuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!! i want him and shirley manson in a 3some front and center... i want to smash billy corgans pumpkins... i want to blow him out of his misery... while eating the shit out of shirley manson!!!!!!!!! i love the song appels + oranjes what if the sun refuse to shine? what if the clouds refuse to rain? what if the earth refused its turn? when i here this song on the adore album, i think of how sexual billy can be in dreams i have...darcys hot as hell too...

Name: william
Date: 2005-03-26 07:51:00
E-mail Address: chris@foam.net
Home Page: http://www.allmatters.org
Message: Just thought I would pop in again - love your site - youve done a WONDERFUL job - will be back often. I have put you in my links - hope you dont mind.

Name: Jung Min
Date: 2005-01-10 00:22:00
E-mail Address: bulletlove@hotmail.com
Home Page:
Message: Love So Much and Miss

Name: benirras03
Date: 2004-11-08 15:58:00
E-mail Address: benirras03@yahoo.es
Home Page:
Message: Acabo de ver el dvd de zwan....son muchas veces las que lloro escuchando a billy...lloro pork no entiendo como se puede cantar asi, haciendome sentir todo esto...tengo canciones que m recuerdan a amigos que ya no están, caciones que me invitan a irme de mi ciudad y canciones que m enfadan pork no podré ver a smashing en directo NUNCA MAS...son muchas cosas....

Name: Chappy
Date: 2004-09-15 22:30:00
E-mail Address: hachapron@snet.net
Home Page:
Message: Smashing Pumpkins remind me of my childhood. My first album ever was mellon collie and has remained my favorite. Without a doubt, they were the most progressive mainstream artists of the 90s. Id say even more progressive then radiohead when it comes down to it. BC your the man!

Name: marspeople
Date: 2004-09-09 17:33:00
E-mail Address: onenimfo@yahoo.com
Home Page:
Message: HI, my names is Morphe. Growing up i didnt listen to much music at all, my first favorite song ever really was Today by The Smashing pumpkins and I didnt even like that type of shit abd really do not now, but if any alt/rock group desrves my attention it was them. even Billy corgan still got that hot shit, my cousins look at me like wtf? In South central LA, I get loaded and bang that smashing pumpkins shit nigga!!!! Now, i rap and stuff but i do not listen no rap, i can write too, Billy corgan should let me write a song for him... for free, if he like it: Cheers! If he does not, good practice for me, but i could reall hook him up, if i blow up wit my music, thats one nerd ill most definately have to collide with

Name: tasha
Date: 2004-08-28 23:49:00
E-mail Address: trappedinabox144@hotmail.com
Home Page:
Message: Smashing Pumpkins fuckin rock!!!!! Bullet w/ butterfly wings and tonight tonight are the best!!!!! i luv SP so much!!!!! i hav always luved no doubt but lately i hav fallen i luv w/ SP. sorry 2 billy 4 all his hard times and sorry 2 da band 4 all u guys hard times. u guys rock do not eva change! im really sad that u guys arent together anymore and i cant ever see you live. i wanna cry. well i luv u guys so much!!!! u guys r the best band ive ever heard!!! and u hav the best videos!!! i luv u guys so much! luv tasha

Name: george jetson
Date: 2004-07-17 19:19:00
E-mail Address: fuck@yourmom.com
Home Page:

Name: andy
Date: 2004-07-17 18:57:00
E-mail Address: thecurepoet@yahoo.com
Home Page: www.andrewspoetry.co.uk/theband
Message: heres a gr8 idea. Get a web counter for this site. I would love to see how many people go on this site in a yeat. What do you say. P.s. the thing that sucks in the greatest hits video collection is that:- a) it dosnt have teitbite b) it dosnt have the proper version for untitled not the one that they play on t.v.

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