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Why do rock starts go bald?

Numerous people see rock more than just a music genre. Rock is for them a way of living and they apply this style even when it comes to clothes, makeup and hairstyles. Many rock stars take pride in their hairstyles and they have - some of them used to have - long and beautiful hair.

Unfortunately, due to genetics, aging, stress, nutrition, disease or unhealthy lifestyles, men and women can be affected by hair loss, at some point in their lives. Even rock stars could lose their hair and remain without the beautiful appearance of scalp that was a part of their fame, as well.

Bono went through hair transplant to have such a beautiful hair, Joe Satriani went bald, Sting has been affected by alopecia, John Bon Jovi's hairline is receding, Traci Guns always sported a wig, Richie Blackmore and Brett Michaels wear wigs and many other rock stars wear wigs to hide their scalps.

Regardless if their hairline has receding due to their lifestyles, stress or aging, male pattern baldness, alopecia or hair loss affects numerous men. In most of cases, genes are the primary cause. The hair follicles are sensitive to the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) produced by the body and DHT causes the follicles to reduce their size. The hair will grow thinner and finer and the hairline recedes until it will be no hair on the temples or on the mid-anterior scalp.

DHT is actually a by-product or derivate of testosterone. As it is mentioned on WebMD , DHT causes the hair follicles to miniaturize, but when DHT is suppressed, the hair follicles will start developing again.

Provillus has been developed to stop the hair loss in both men and women and to nourish their scalps in order to restore the healthy and beautiful appearance of their hair. Containing powerful ingredients that fight against the factor that triggered the hair loss, enables the hair follicles to thrive and grow beautifully. Being a natural product, Provillus does not cause unwanted side effects and it can be obtained without medical prescription.

But there are numerous food items that can suppress the production of DHT, the primary factor that causes hairs to fall. Foods rich in phytosterols such as sesame oil, wheat germ, corn oil, peanuts, canola oil, macadamia nuts, almonds and olive oil block the production of dihydrotestosterone. If you hairline is receding, include these products in your nutrition and you can stop the problem from the root.

Provillus is also a treatment that not only stops the hair loss, but it may also prevent the hairs from falling and it nourish the follicles so the hair will grow stronger. Perhaps many of these rock stars would have want to use Provillus before losing their hair. Hair fall could have been even depressing for some of them and they have tried as much as possible to hide this problem by wearing wigs.

What would you do if your hairline would recede? Would you try Provillus or start wearing wigs?

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