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Foursquare Cookies!

dpstyles: OMG. My mom (@murieloliv) got me @foursquare badge cookies for my birthday!: Annnnndd, of course it’s on Silicon Alley Insider 10 mins later… A few more pics from Mari here…

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foursquare team goes to a Mets game!

We went to a Mets game!

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Dens and foursquare on the homepage of this morning. NBD.

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be the mayor app on foursquare

msg: According to the Barbarian Group’s Stealing the mayorship of the Aviary HQ from Ari is going to be rough. Hot!

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The Onion covers foursquare

“Foursquare is a little bit of everything—a friend-finder, a local city guide, an interactive mobile game,” said company cofounder Dennis Crowley, as if reading from the same tired script used by every one of these Web 2.0 or whatever-the-fuck-they’re-called startups. … Continue reading

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Foursquare in Japanese

marsbot: ‘We’re huge in Japan’ Love this.  I can haz t-shirt, plz?

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Obama near foursquare office

It’s not every day a PRESIDENTIAL MOTORCADE passes the New Media sweatshop. (by finitor)

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foursquare on an apple ad

Wow!  Super psyched to see foursquare representing in Apple’s new “pet finder” iPhone ad! 

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foursquare nails

lesleykat: @foursquare badge nails in honor of @4sqday ! come see a closer look at the NYC party tonight. Bananatown.

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foursquare cops!

Check out this hiiiilarious video that the HubSpot team made! Foursquare Cops = best new humorous web series of 2010!

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