New Team, New Content

Mobilizing The Region (MTR) is finally back! Way back in 1994, Tri-State Transportation Campaign (TSTC) started this blog as a weekly e-mail and fax bulletin. It was tirelessly sent to elected and agency officials, advocates, members of the press, and concerned citizens until November 2007. For the following ten years, MTR evolved into the online blog you are reading right now, though it was temporarily put on hold in 2017 due to staff and leadership changes at TSTC.

Tri-State Transportation Campaign is a 501(c)(3) advocacy organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable, balanced, and equitable transportation network in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Today, TSTC is led by a team of experts in transportation, public policy, urban planning, public health, graphic design, data analysis, and environmental justice.

This year, our team decided to bring back MTR so we can give insight on pressing topics outside of our major campaigns and highlight key issues facing our region. Readers can expect to see a weekly news and updates roundup, thought pieces from the minds behind TSTC, as well as updates on campaigns we are working on.

TEAM MEMBERS (click here for bios)

Nick Sifuentes, Executive Director

Janna Chernetz, Deputy Director & Director of NJ Policy

Lauren Bailey, Director of Climate Policy

Felicia Park-Rogers, Director of Regional Infrastructure Projects

Liam Blank, Policy & Communications Manager

Sonia Szczesna, Advocacy & Campaign Manager

Kevin Garcia, NJ Bus Campaign Manager

Darwin Keung, Policy Analyst & Operations Manager

Isobel Cully, Data & Geography Intern

Miranda Adams, Data & Policy Analyst Intern

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  1. Excited that the blog is live again!

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