June 1, 2008

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Cartoon by Wes Rand

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16 Entries


Mr President, Mr President...?


Lemmings..........all of them!


Who invited Barbra Walters?


Aren't we nice to allow someone who grew up in poverty to speak here.


Hold it! We don't need the rocks and bottles. He's one of us, not a Middletown police officer.


Cool! Now I can tell evereyone I saw the first black man to become President... If he beats Hilary and Mccain...


Just think, after she touches him, I can tell everyone I'm the boyfriend of an Obama Girl!


Obama wants us to go into public service. We got community service after last month's end-of-semester keg party. Does that count?


Scalped ticket to commencement: $250. Degree from Wesleyan: $200,000. Obama thinking we'll go into public service: priceless.


"That's one Hawaiian wave Hillary can't catch!"


The Secret Service just stopped me and frisked me for no reason! Has that ever happened to you?


The brother from another planet is here to save the world!!!


This makes my seven years of college all worth it. I just shook hands with Obiwan!


"If I work out, darken up, and hone my public speaking skills, I could become a political babe magnet too!”


"I would trade my newly-awarded Ivy League degree for that type of personal magnetism ANY DAY!"


"Oh look, there goes Sandy! She heard that Obama is looking for a younger, likeable female vice-president"

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