And The Winners Are… 2009’s NORA Cup Winners

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BMX’s most prestigious honors were given out this evening in Las Vegas at the annual NORA Cup Awards. This post is going live just as the last cup is given out, so check out the winners and presenters here and expect plenty of video and photo coverage of party to be posted soon.

2009 Number One Rider Award - Street
Troy McMurray
Garrett Reynolds

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Street - Garrett Reynolds

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Street - Garrett Reynolds (Photo by Mark Losey.)

2009 Number One Rider Award - Dirt
Shaun Butler
Winner: Mike Aitken

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Dirt - Mike Aitken

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Dirt - Mike Aitken (Photo by Mike Aitken.)

2009 Number One Rider Award - Race
Pete Loncarevich
Winner: Maris Strombergs

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Race - Maris Strombergs

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Race - Maris Strombergs (Photo by

2009 Number One Rider Award - Flat
Nate Hansom
Matthias Dandois

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Flatland - Matthias Dandois

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Flatland - Matthias Dandois (Photo by Fat.)

2009 Number One Rider Award - Ramp
Lee Reynolds
Winner: Chase Hawk

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Ramp - Chase Hawk

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Ramp - Chase Hawk (Photo by Fat.)

2009 Number One Rider Award - Video Part
Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla
Garrett Reynolds, Nike 6.0 “Writing On The Wall

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Video Part - Garrett Reynolds in Nike 6.0, "Writing On The Wall"

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Video Part - Garrett Reynolds in Nike 6.0, "Writing On The Wall"

2009 Number One Rider Award - Video
Stew Johnson
Winner: Nike 6.0 “Writing On The Wall

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Video - Nike 6.0, "Writing On The Wall"

2009 NORA Cup Winner - Video - Nike 6.0, "Writing On The Wall"

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41 Responses to “And The Winners Are… 2009’s NORA Cup Winners”

  1. BryanH says:

    Congrats to all the winners

  2. bmx legend says:

    good shit..

  3. max says:

    colt fake should have won the video part award!

  4. nik says:

    i have started being bored of garrett have to understand that there also other riders to give nominees to…..
    davey watson should have won best part..
    ty morrow or dak best street rider…

  5. big hairy bush says:

    hucker or bohan should have won dirt considering aitken hasnt riden dirt for a year and i dont mean that in a bad way he fuckin awsome …colt fake should have won video part …oh yeah im over chase hawk so over rated

  6. barry says:

    good stuff. all the riders deserved to win what they did. 'big hairy bush' i think u need to understand how good chase hawk and mikey really are because riding is not about how good your tricks are but how they are done and how high and how unique they are because i can tell that u are one of those people who are only impressed by video game style tricks and you couldnt care how unique or high or smooth they are and also i would like to see u in a coma for three weeks with brain damage and then get out in the shortest time possible so think next time before critisizing.

    • Matt says:

      maybe you should stop critisizing other and care about your own stuff, cause this is called freedom of speech! You're allowed to think and say your opinion and so is big hairy bush! so just maybe next time you think before critisizing others! ;)
      btw: it's not pretty nice to say you would like to see someone in a coma!!!

      now go out and ride your bike, cause i know i would be out riding if my ankle wasn't hurt!

      • Teacher says:

        I think both you fuckers need to go do your homework because your grammar is horrible.

        • ibmx11 says:

          I think You Need To Shut The Fuck Up Cause Your Grammar Is Horrrible You HavE To Sentence Fragmnets Toether Wtf Is That Come On man!
          You Got A Comma Splice Grow Up!;)

        • barry says:

          fuck of teacher u dumb cunt i dont care how the fuck shit is spelled and i dont think anyone else cares.

          matt you tool i dont care about freedom of speech i was just standing up for what i beleive in and i didnt want to see him in a coma i ment if he was he wouldnt be walkin or talkin like mikey can.

  7. Jerry K. says:

    COLT FAKE!!!!

  8. jake says:

    Chase Runs Things

  9. Nemix says:

    Dandois for the second time !! Flat is a French thing ?

  10. jake shilzz says:

    dude I'm soooooo sick of garrett reynolds the same type of thing happend with nathan williams like the spotlight was allll on him for a while but I'm just getting sick of garrett he's alllll over

  11. denis says:

    Bohan is the Best !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wickedpissa says:

    really nike for best video? kind of absurd if you ask me. I mean spinner had a part. really disappointed

  13. dade says:

    where the fuck is colt fake?!!

  14. Mike G says:

    I was surprised at the ramp category. I love watching Chase ride, but, he is certainly more of a dirt rider. There are tons on ramp rats that go big and have style like Chase, but can still do video game tricks and tech lip stuff. It just seems kind of off, but, the riders have voted.

  15. joh says:

    why the fuck would colt fake win anything? because he has no skill, he just hucks himself off things and sometimes lands on two wheels… hes got balls, but no skill… plus, the whole nora cup thing is a fucking joke anyways, it means nothing. chase hawk best ramp rider of the year?? what??

  16. Mike snacks says:

    Nike video was a let down. Not only was it not banging it was shot like crap.The Levis video was better Dakota slays garret.

  17. Joel says:


  18. JR Beetwick says:

    Dhers could have won ramp if he took his pegs and brakes off and did no tricks, just flowed around. Bet he's gutted he didn't think of that. Would have come 14th instead of 1st in every ramp contest but would have won the Nora cup for ramp.


    Reynolds deserved his wins. Aitken deserves a solid gold cup, I don't care whats wrote on it.

  19. Luke says:

    Johnny Devlin had the best video part imo and he wasnt even nominated. Also could of easily be nominated in the best street rider category.

  20. Fuck says:

    Rigged! Who's on judges board? WTF Mulligan. Best video clip? What about Webb or Main? How about a bunch of grown ass men booing Spinner off stage?

  21. HELLO says:

    Mikey all the way son……thk god it was chase and not dhers……….YEA GARRET fkers the shit on the streets and all u haters can sk it

  22. big hairy bush says:

    hahahahahahahahaa i think aitken should have won every other year instead of this year cause he didnt ride at all the last year. he is the best dirt rider ever but i think the only reason he wo this year was because of his crash bohan or hucker should have won … barry it sounds like u would bend over over for chase and mikey u fag!!oh yeah im not one of those people who is only impressed with video game tricks …i couldnt care less if i never seen a tailwhip again.there should be an award for who did the least amount of tailwhips in a year !!!!!!!and just for the record aitken is amazing for how well he pulled through his accident!!!!

  23. bmxer says:

    BMX is just racing

  24. ghjf says:

    aitken got hurt why the fuck did he win ,its absurd like lets put stephen murray on the podium aswell he is hurt too .his good rider and all, but being broke and getting awarded aswell. i mean WHAT THE FUCK!
    sorry about my english

  25. bill says:

    thank god Hawk won.. shows the Dhers and Spinners its not all about how many times you can spins your bike around

  26. Rob says:

    im a little confused why terry adams didn't win best in flat, but good choices nonetheless.

  27. ian says:


  28. tony says:

    bestwick is the best ramp rider……………………full stop

  29. tommytoughnuts says:

    colt fake part sucked he has no skill yoyoyoyoty

  30. iHave NoClue says:

    Bestwick shoula have won vert. I’m disappointed…

  31. al s says:

    yeah whats up with Nike, great parts at the exact right time maybe we'll see more corporate subsidy soon.

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