The Friday Interview - Matthias Dandois

We caught up with Matthias Dandois while he was in Louisiana hanging out with his Red Bull and Odyssey teammate Terry Adams as they were preparing for the Jomopro contest this weekend. See what Matthias has to say about his trip, his tattoos, and his newly announced bike company Superb**.

Interview and photos by Fat.

Name: Matthias Lucas Dandois-Delaigue
Location: Paris, France
Sponsors: Red Bull, Odyssey, G-shock, Superb**, Pull-In, Different Character, Vans, Orange, Green Films.


The biggest thing going on with you right now that people are probably curious about is the launch of your new bike company, Superb**…Give us the background on how that all came about.
Yeaaah I’m psyched on that!!! After I left A Bad Thing my friend Ucchie came up with the idea to do our own bike company. I love this guy and I know he’s a hard worker, so I said yes! Superb** means Super Bad, and It’s gonna be a flatland brand really inspired by street.

Your press release said that the brand will be under Ares Bykes out of Japan and that Ucchie is your partner…What roll will everyone play in the brand?
Ares Bykes gave us the opportunity to do our own parts with their knowledge. Ucchie takes care of the communication in Japan and is a team rider. I take care of the communication in France and I’m a team rider

What are your goals with the brand over the next few years?
Trying to make a strong enough frame to ride street and flatland with it! Develop flatland in France and in Japan and having fun!


When will the first frames be available?
The first prototypes will be here really soon (end of April), and we have to test them so I don’t really know…

What other parts will you guys be making after the frames?
All kind of parts, but I’m only gonna ride the frame and fork since I’m on odyssey for parts.

Do you have plans to expand the team beyond you and Ucchie at this point?
Yes of course! There will be some flatland riders in Japan, in Europe, and I want to get a legit street rider on the team too.


Now moving on from the new company…What are you currently in the U.S. for, and what have you been doing since you’ve been here?
The first purpose of my trip is to visit my good friend Terry Adams who lives in Louisiana! We just ride and have fun every day, which is dope! Otherwise we shoot some photos and videos with Fat Tony for and Ride BMX. And tomorrow we drive to Joplin, Missouri for the Jomopro contest!

What was the craziest thing that you saw or did while you were in Louisiana hanging out with Terry Adams?
So many things happened! A tornado almost blew the roof out of Terry’s spot, a guy wanted to shoot us with his gun while we were doing a photo shoot, and I ate mud bugs (crawfish)… WTF??

I know you are going to compete at Jomopro since it is part of the 2011 BMX Flatland World Circuit…What are your current thoughts about contests?
That’s gonna be a good opportunity to meet up with some friends I don’t hang out with usually!


Your blog ( stays updated pretty much daily…why is keeping your site fresh with content important to you?
Bloggin’ is so fun! I just like to have new cool content everyday to put on and make people travel through my photos and shit talking…

While hanging out recently I started to notice all your new tattoos, and you have some pretty interesting ones. When did you start getting tattoos, and what is your reason behind getting them?
Yeah, I started to get some tattoos when I was like 17 and didn’t stop… There are so many fucked up stories behind them. Good memories for sure!

Let’s take a look at some of your tattoos and get some background info on some of them…
(Matthias wrote the captions for each of his tattoos shown below.)

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Rock and roll! This is my first tattoo and Alex Jumelin and Raphael Chiquet have the same. This is our moto!


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