Chase Hawk

Chase Hawk Video Bike Check
Check out Chase Hawk's signature fit with custom Empire paint job as Miles Rogoish caught up with him at 9th Street in Austin.
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Fit Bike Co.’s Barcelona Trip - Full Video
Someone uploaded the old Fit Barcelona video to Vimeo and instead of making them take it down Fit posted it on their site, encouraging people to share this 5 year old gem.
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Fox’s Mike Aitken Benefit Jam Video
Check out Chase Hawk, Brian Foster, Scotty Cranmer, and a ton of friends shredding the parking lot of the Fox headquarters on behalf of Mike Aitken. And don't forget to stop by for daily updates on Mikey and for information about how you can do your part to help Mikey on his road to recovery.
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Photo Gallery: Mike Aitken Benefit Jam at Fox
FOX was gracious enough to host a jam yesterday at their SoCal office to help raise money for their team rider Mike Aitken. Lots of pros and locals were there, peep the photos.
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Top 5s With Chase Hawk
The last person Chase called was his mother…but before that he called the dude that hooks it up with the green. Are you surprised three out of these nine top fives include the green stuff? We are…thought it would be more.
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New Odyssey Chase Hawk Video
Odyssey has a new video featuring Chase Hawk on their site. And you even get to watch it in a big old TV. It's like fusing the present with the past. Eh, just got watch.
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Chase Hawk Bike Check On Odyssey
Odyssey posted a bike check with Chase Hawk. His flat red frame and gold rims are looking real good. Check it.
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Watch BMX Presents Chase Hawk Video Bike Check: May 5, 2008
The kind folk over at Watch BMX put together a new web video featuring Chase Hawk, his signature Fit frame, and the two coming together to produce some riding clips.
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Sunday Afternoon Pool Session
Chase Hawk, Joe Rich, and Dakota Roche hit up a pool in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon and we were on hand to catch the action.
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Chase Hawk Interview
The first time I ever heard of Chase was when I saw a photo of him in Snap a few years ago...
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