Dakota Roche

Desktop Wallpapers
Dakota Roche, Anthony Napolitan, Rob Wise, Jeremiah Smith, and Johnny Stevens all made it into this week's collection of wallpapers. Get 'em while the gettin' is good.
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At Home With Dakota Roche
James Cox has been in U.S. lately filming for United and 4Down and got Dakota Roche to do this day in the life for Channel 4Down BMX. In this video you'll find some monolog and interview and of course some great riding.
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Corey, Nathan, & Dakota Mix From Levi’s
You all should know by now that Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, and Dakota Roche's section in the Levi's video was incredible so check out some of their unused footage in this new Levi's mix.
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Fit’s New Dakota Roche Signature Frame
Fit just posted a lookbook of their new Dakota Roche signature frame. It weighs in at just 4.2lbs, has removable brake mounts, and lots of other bells and whistles. Check it out on the Fit site.
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Dakota Roche Pro Q&A Extras
Here are the rest of Dakota Roche's Pro Q&A; questions from issue 150. If you asked it...he answered it.
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S&M & Fit Fullerton Session Video
This past Saturday a few of the guys that work at Fit and S&M; set up a group session at the Fullerton skatepark then went to ride some street. Check out the video including Dakota Roche, Joe Vee, and a bunch of dudes in white T-shirts.
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Lotek’s A Day In The Life Video - Dakota Roche & Eric Lichtenberger
Dean Burrito filmed and edited this gem featuring Dakota Roche and Eric Lichtenberger doing what they do best... Surfing, riding, and having a good time.
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New Fit Grizz Air T-Shirt
Fit has a new shirt featuring a giant bear that is sure to scare small children. And since all over prints and Dakota Roche are both so hot right now, we are sure this one will be gone soon, so get yours while you can.
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Pro Q&A - Dakota Roche
Next month’s Pro Q&A is with Dakota Roche. You can ask the 21-year old shredder out of Huntington Beach, California, so here’s your chance to ask him whatever you want. Including what it’s like travel around the world filming for Levis, chat about surfing, get some tips on nosewheelies, or how to land smooth on giant 180s. He also has a signature Fit frame coming out soon and has a few video projects in the works, as well.
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Sunday Afternoon Pool Session
Chase Hawk, Joe Rich, and Dakota Roche hit up a pool in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon and we were on hand to catch the action.
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