Matthias Dandois

Circle Cow 10 Video By Sevisual
Here's a great look at the recent Circle Cow contest that went down in Servon, France earlier this month featuring Raphael Chiquet, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, and a bunch of other shredders.
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New Matthias Dandois Combos
To help kick off his new blog, Matthias Dandois just dropped this new video featuring two new combos in the K-124 House in Paris, France.
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A Bad Jam 2008 Video
The A Bad Thing team from France put on A Bad Jam a few weeks ago at the K-124 shop in Paris. Check out Matthias Dandois, Raphael Chiquet, and a bunch of others busting out...
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KOG Round 3 Results & BMX Flatland World Circuit 2008 Results
This past weekend was the third and final round of the '08 BMX Flatland World Circuit. It took place at the KOG Round 3 contest in Tokyo. Check out the results from the contest and the year-end standings right here.
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Groundroots UK Series ‘08 - Round 2 Video
There was a flatland contest in Southsea recently. The catch? It was raining. Watch Sam Foakes, Effraim Catlow, Matthias Dandois and others bust out on the wet ground.
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Matthias Dandois and Adam Kun Video
Tom from Sevisual filmed and edited this new video of Adam Kun and Matthias Dandois in Hungary last week. With those two riders, you know it is a sick video.
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Matthias Dandois & Raphael Chiquet Bike Checks
These two French flatland riders live and ride together and are best friends. We caught up with them a while back when they were in New Orleans for the Voodoo Jam. Check out their bikes from A Bad Thing and read what they have to say about them.
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