Vans’ Matt Priest Escaping The Winter Edit
Yet another video where someone has fled their homeland in search of warm weather and good riding spots. This time England's Matt Priest took off to California, Nevada, and Arizona and hit parks, trails, and street spots along the way and leaving behind this solid edit.
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Fly X Vans Kevin Kalkoff Video
It's crazy to see a video like with this with such good filming and camera work have fly out tricks in it. Nonetheless, there's a new video featuring Fly's French rider Kevin Kalkoff riding a cement park over on the Fly site.
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New Corey Nastazio Vans Video
Check out the Vans site for a new video of Nasty Dog riding Woodward West and his old Riverside trails spot.
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Vans Europe Video - Huber, Grosic, & Gross
Dominik Wrobel filmed and edited this one for the European Vans team. It features Mankind Bikes' owner Christoph Huber along with Paddy Gross and Senad Grosic riding ramps, street, and dirt.
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Vans’ Fall ‘09 Catalog Shoot Video
To get photos for the newest Vans catalog, the BMX team including Alistair Whitton, Gary Young, Josh Harrington, and Chase Hawk took over an abandoned school in Kansas and went wild for a weekend. Here's a video with some of what went down. Look for the new Vans catalog and their products soon.
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Phil Aller & Ashley Charles In NYC Video
Vans UK team riders Phil Aller and Ashley Charles recently went on a trip to New York to do some sightseeing and get in a bit of riding at some famous city spots.
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Vans’ Benny Paulsen Video
Here's a new video section for Vans Germany team rider Benny Paulsen featuring street, dirt, and park clips by Dominik Wrobel from Woozy.
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Colony X Vans Forgotten Tour
Colony is teaming up with Vans for a huge tour through Australia that starts tomorrow and ends at the BMX Games in Melbourne, Australia. If you live in OZ make sure you hit up the stops closest to you.
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Vans X Colony Collaboration Shoe
Ryan Guettler helped out with a signature collab shoe with his footwear sponsor and parts sponsor. These puppies are due out in January in the U.S. and in February in other parts of the world.
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Vans Pro Team Meet & Greet In Texas
Vans BMX riders Scotty Cranmer, Gary Young, Cory Nastazio, Luke Parslow, Chase Hawk and others will be at select Vans stores in Texas this week for autographs, giveaways and more!
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